What is Cloud ERP Software?

What is Cloud ERP software?

ERP software helps to manage and automate end-to-end business processes across an organization- from manufacturing to Sales and Accounting. In the earlier days of its introduction, ERP systems were on-premise; as the technology started evolving, ERP systems emerged as future-ready systems with advanced tools and technologies. One such evolution is the Cloud-based ERP- enterprise resource planning software accessible over the internet. It provides advanced functionalities and capabilities for the smooth running of all the core processes in an organization under one platform. Modern businesses are adopting and adapting to these evolved ERP systems to be more agile, proactive, and responsive.
Typically, the Cloud ERP is delivered as a SaaS ERP (software-as-a-service), hosted on a provider’s cloud computing platform, and managed by their IT team. The users or the customers don’t own it but lease it on an annual or monthly subscription basis. This model of ERP saves your upfront hardware costs, application maintenance cost, upgrades, data storage, and security.

Why choose an ERP system that works on the cloud?

Embracing a cloud-based ERP is a sure shot for your business success in this digital age, not only by helping you earn more capital but by saving it with its advanced features and flexibility. It delivers value to the organization by helping boost productivity and efficiency. Technology and competition have changed. The new ERP system provides insight that the company needs to operate proactively.

Today, The world needs a quicker response and rapid delivery of products and services with lower costs. Cloud-based ERP system is the key to retaining customers by delivering value as they expect. It assists in handling and managing all the core business processes and networks worldwide.

The Benefits of Cloud ERP for Enterprises

ERP is the core of all core business processes of an enterprise. A best-fit cloud ERP system will automate the processes, delivers real-time insights using AI and Machine learning, and seamlessly syncs the business data.
The cloud-based ERP system is flexible and scalable and drives growth potential to the companies by providing the information needed for quick decisions through seamless integration. Transaction transparency
Cloud-based ERP systems eliminate information silos and integrate accounting processes with business operations ensuring everything accounts with accuracy.
Easy Integration
The all-new cloud-based ERP systems allow easy integration of third-party apps, add-ons, and plugins. The company opting for cloud ERP can easily connect the solutions for specific operational needs.


Get started with the cloud-based ERP system and fast-track the business transformation. Deployment of the Cloud ERP is inevitable in this competitive digital era. Scopex ERP is built for the cloud and caters to all industry verticals. It offers real-time insights, better customer service, and reduced supply chain costs by integrating and automating essential business operations. Learn how Scopex cloud-based ERP can take your organization to the next level.


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