Are you looking for a new ERP? Do not be easily impressed!


Are you looking for a new ERP? Do not be easily impressed!

  • Are you looking for a new ERP? Do not be easily impressed! You may be among the hundreds of companies looking at a new ERP this year, updating a 12-year-old system, or moving to your first system. Either way, you will be amazed at all the novel things you can get from the new ERP system.
  • New ERP comes with real-time reporting, interactive dashboards, stunning graphics, and a unique interface that catches your first impression. Anything novel brings curiosity and excitement to you and results in an immediate move on with the first vendor who approaches you to upgrade your system. But wait! -' Any white liquid is not milk' is an old saying. like
  • Let us summarize the experiences of people who brought the ERP technology to warn you to be careful before jumping to conclusions about buying any ERP that impresses your sight.
  • Neither make a kiddish mistake of quickly jumping into software DEMOS, nor you should stop with just a single DEMO.
  • Advanced technology indeed dazzles you. Perhaps, it has evolved as a broad-spectrum improvement. But all technologies are not the right fit for your business.
  • ERP systems are seeing a rapid improvement in being what they are though they have their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The feature you find most creative and begin to get for your company may be ordinary among most systems, and you might be on the verge of missing critical parts of your business. Be Alert! Productivity is not the look of the software system but the functionalities it offers such-as, automation, information, integration, and screen compatibility.
  • You have technology in all the new ERP systems. The perspective of concluding ERP system considering just simple technology point of view will not be productive for the long run, often resulting in implementation failing to meet expectations. You must look for an ERP system that covers almost all business areas. It will organically bring transformations in the way you handle business.
  • Instead of being impressed with advanced interfaces at a glance, click here to get a world-class consultation and suggestions on ERP software.

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The Best ERP software to bolster the FMCG Industry in India


The Best ERP software to bolster the FMCG Industry in India

FMCG products are fast-moving goods sold through a broad range of distribution channels and consumed in high volumes. ERP software helps the FMCG industry grow by streamlining all the business operations related to trading, distribution, and logistics. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a highly competitive sector with costs built in at every stage of the value chain. The SCOPEX ERP for FMCG can help the industry transform into an information-driven and proactive organization and is the best ERP Software to bolster the FMCG industry in India.
For many FMCG organizations, the challenge remains to establish satisfactory customer engagement. The FMCG companies that aim to thrive are prudent in using ERP for the industry operations to ensure not to miss any opportunity in selling. FMCG companies cannot run without a consumer. The company must align customer preferences, product development and manufacturing, distribution logistics, time trends, and seasonal fluctuations to prevent shortfalls in their products or packing. Scopex FMCG apps can do it for the growth of your company.

What can you gain for your FMCG Industry by investing in Scopex ERP software?

  • Scopex end-end ERP software for the FMCG industry addresses all functions from supply chain to retail. It helps companies to predict, Plan and manage the demand for innovative consumer goods and products.
  • It can easily cater to FMCG organizational needs like
  • It adapts to industry-specific requirements, demand management, promotions, and schemes. Barcoding and dispatch ensure that the demand for the goods is met fully on time.
  • Business analytics helps to make real-time data-based decisions.
  • It allows companies to plan distribution logistics for consumer goods and efficiently manage the challenges they face daily.
  • Efficient FMCG Operation management

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ERP transformation with a better approach


ERP Transformation with a better approach

Many organizations often view ERP transformation as a technology project instead of realizing its true essence and impacts. A journey of ERP transformation can be challenging considering the organization’s size until it is in its complete form. It is necessary to overcome the common pitfalls in an ERP transformation with a better approach to find common ground for the entire enterprise.

Obstacles to true ERP Transformation

  • ERP transformation can reach its comprehensive form with the right leadership, resources, project management methodologies, and communication. The following are some of the common pitfalls in an ERP Transformation process.

Obstacles to true ERP Transformation

  • When the new technology is added to the existing process, one has to consider this transformation as an ultimate business process improvement.
  • Engaging advanced new ERP into your legacy system maximizes the value of enterprise technology selection, implementation, and evaluation and drives business process transformation.
  • Avoid the common pitfalls to ERP selection, evaluation, and implementation. Creating a vision of the future state from the current state and then defining the business value for the project.
  • A complete understanding of the potential of ERP systems facilitates the transformation process.
  • The team should start paving different cow paths (outside the current formal system) and bring value-adding activities in-house.
  • Transforming business processes using an ERP system as a technology enabler needs Proper communication with the rest of the organization in a formal session can tremendously impact ERP transformation.
  • ERP transformation can reach its comprehensive form with the right leadership, resources, project management methodologies, and communication.
  • Enterprise Technology has tremendously improved in developing advanced systems that are overwhelming at a glance. All are not the right fit for your business and bring value to your business. Impressive features may be ordinary among most ERP systems. You have to dig deeper for the cutting-edge features in an ERP to differentiate your business from the competitors. An ERP transformation results in sustained improvements. Do not pave the cow path. Grab the unique one to achieve stability quickly in your business with the Scopex ERP system.

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Are you aware of the Decision drivers for an ERP software selection?


Are you aware of the Decision drivers for an ERP software selection

The decision drivers for an ERP software selection vary for each organization depending on the functionalities that best fit the specific business areas. Transforming your business operations using ERP software defines value for your business and requires a vision of the future state from the current condition.
To cut a long story, know your business and customers, understand your current state, practice the best strategies to incorporate into your future requirements and then find the best ERP solution that empowers and matches the capabilities of your business expectations.
Consider the following decision drivers to choose the best ERP solution for your business.

Features and functionality

  • Consider looking for the following while considering implementing ERP solutions to your business operations.
  • Is it meeting the future state needs of the business?
  • Is it user-friendly and intuitive?
  • Does it support advanced Industry functionality to support dynamic business needs?

Vendor Affiliation

  • Check whether the vendor has understood the specifics of the business and has aligned with the organizational needs. If yes, then you can consider it.

Solution agility and viability

  • Before choosing an ERP solution, consider getting the answer to the following.
  • Is the vendor invested in this product solution?
  • Will the software be a part of its service offering for the long term?

Technology Alignment

  • Ensure that the vendor has followed industry standards for current & future integrations and the platform fits within the team’s technology roadmap.

Total cost and ownership

  • Thoroughly check for last-minute surprises or hidden charges regarding costing. Understand the licensing fees, maintenance, subscription costs, service/Support fees, and integrations included in the given final quote.

Implementation consideration

  • Successfully ticking the above checkpoints allows you to check whether the vendor’s implementation methodology aligns with the organization and ways of managing risks and issues. The project plan must be comprehensive with adequate detail.
  • When you own the best ERP solution that best fulfills your business purposes, it will establish alignment of expectations with management, enhanced efficiency, automation of mundane tasks, and quick turnaround of ROI. Thus, When an organization is considering an ERP selection, the selection process must be based on a solid foundation of industry expertise, vendor research, and intimate business knowledge, All-together contributes to business productivity.
  • Scopex is an integrated, all-in-one ERP solution that best fit the needs of your organization. CLICK HERE for DEMO

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Alert!! It is high time your company needs CRM software.


Alert!! It is high time your company needs CRM software

Whether you have a company of ten or ten thousand forces, if you find the following warning signs and struggle with any of these, Alert!! It is high time your company needs new CRM software. Changing the tools is a major decision that involves financial investment. For better growth and profitability, change is inevitable. Drive your business towards success by embracing the change.
The following scenarios demand the need for CRM software:

Low efficiency 

  • When no one exactly knows who is doing what and when.
  • You are unable to locate the best opportunities with your prospects and clients.
  • You may have an efficient sales team with their pipeline stored in the spreadsheet on your laptop.
  • When you waste a considerable amount of valuable time on paper approval, indicate the need for CRM.
  • CRM replaces manual processes, automates repetitive tasks, and shares interfaces with seamless integration enabling sales efficiency and an increase in revenue.

Unorganized contact data

  • When Unsubscribes are overruling, everyone judges the marketing, and you find organizing the contact data for the master marketing list impossible as the contacts are saved in everyone’s outlook.

When you cannot track your last activity with the key client

  • Do you have no idea when was the follow-up email sent? or
  • Whether the phone conversation had occurred between clients and sales reps within 24 hours? or
  • Was the customer complaint addressed? and
  • You don’t know when was the last time your client connected or how far you reached away from customer interest.

There is a breakdown of collaboration between departments

  • The sales department does its work perfectly so is the customer service. But marketing works differently for both departments. If you find no centralized and holistic view among the different departments, CRM software comes into action.

Is the Key person leaving the organization causing the company to lose its vital data?

  • In case you are in a place of losing vital data or information upon a key person leaving the company because much of the critical data is in spreadsheets or an email system. You need CRM Software that centralizes the database and provides precise data on every interaction you or your employee have with leads and customers.

When your team demands a tool that works efficiently

  • When your team members ask for a tool that allows easy sharing of knowledge and that builts good customer, partners, vendors, and employees relationships. If your employees ask for an all-in-one business solution for a better collaboration process. Adapting to CRM software greatly benefit your company by improving your team productivity.

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Is Scopex ERP solution the ideal tool for the manufacturing sector


Is Scopex ERP solution the ideal tool for the manufacturing sector?

Yes! The Scopex ERP solution is the ideal tool for the manufacturing sector at present and in the future. The manufacturing business in the present scenario is going through tremendous shifts and transformations. The change has taken place at each stage of manufacturing aspects – planning, production, supply chain, distribution, sales, and marketing. Empowering the businesses with the best manufacturing ERP solutions has become the need of the hour for the manufacturing Sector to answer all business requirements. The Scopex ERP simplifies all business aspects, smoothens the functioning of every business module on a single platform, and enables the different organizations to streamline every activity with maximum efficiency resulting in business growth and profitability.
Let us understand how the Manufacturing process works and what it needs to work better. Before that, you need to know the strategies of manufacturing.

Make-to-order and Make-to-stock 

  • Make-to-order (MTO) is a process that does not need extra inventory and is ideal for businesses that sell expensive or fresh-produced goods. In this process, strategy manufacturing starts just after the arrival of a customer order.

Make-to-stock (MTS)

  • Make-to-stock (MTS) is when the company produces the items much before and stores them in the warehouse until it is purchased by the customer. For example, supermarket products. These products are for future sales.
  • For example, a Pizza company may have to consider the strategy Make- to-Order because pizza tastes good when it is ready else, it may lose its freshness and starts to taste strange.
  • Firstly, A hungry customer orders pizza at the pizza shop to produce it. Here, The sales order with the bill of materials (list of raw materials needed to manufacture an end product) translated into a production order.
  • Maintaining many customer orders is not simple as it looks on the surface. Let us consider an instance where you received more orders than you usually get, a big order. Then, when you check stock for raw materials you need to actualize the order, you have a shocker to find that there are not enough raw materials to fulfill the order. 

What's Next!

  • You Started contacting your supplier, but the earliest your items arrive is way past the deadline.
  • In this scenario, You fail to deliver the orders causing customers not to return to your shop because of the ill experience.

How can you prevent and manage this situation smartly?

  • Yes!!, A Production planning. Embrace it for your business success.
  • Production planning gives you information about the following things.
  • This process is the same for any manufacturing industry of any scale.

How can we make quality goods with minimal time and resources?

  • Delivering a product within budget and of the best quality is often filled with unexpected challenges. To overcome these challenges, companies need to look at their resources and can make the smart move to increase efficiency.
  • We should get an overview of the bill of materials and components and the proper routing of your product.
  • Workstations and workers involved in the routing (checking their availability, information on the works on machines, and their capacity).
  • Ideal production planning software for optimization -Scopex is a user-friendly ERP that crushes the complexities associated with the process.
  • Once the product is ready, the delivery pizza boy takes the delivery of the product in a package to the customer.
  • After the customer pays for the product, the finance department will finally invoice the customer copy. This order completes here.

What does Scopex ERP offer for your manufacturing sector?

What makes an ERP an ideal one?

  • The manufacturing process in chemical, pharmaceutical, and Food processing companies involves complex manufacturing processes. Variable production outputs, compliance issues, traceability of products, and Scalability are some of the pain points to be addressed in process manufacturing.

Pain points Addressed by Scopex Manufacturing ERP

Maximized Process Flexibility

  • The manufacturing process usually involves process trains. An ERP solution must be flexible to handle the frequent changes that occur in production. It should adapt to various measurements, units, and conversions. Scopex ERP solution covers it all.

Quality Assurance and maintenance

  • QA and QM play a vital role in manufacturing. Manual handling of this process can result in blunders in the Batching and human errors in tracking and monitoring inventory data. Scopex ERP solution allows real-time inventory data traceability and performance reports.

Effective Product recall

  • Timely resolution is the need of the moment for this process of manufacturing. The Product recall not only puts the manufacturing company under financial losses but puts the intermediator (distributors and retailers) at the menace of legal action. Scopex ERP Solves this concern by identifying and tracking the shipping location of lot numbers with defective ingredients in real-time. The Sellers get notifications to remove faulty products reaching customers.

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All-in-one business tools


Why are all businesses moving to All-in-one business tools?


Businesses are looking for all-in-one business tools because of the benefits they offer. The world is becoming digital, synchronized, and competitive. There is a lot of pressure to stay ahead of the competition to keep the cost down and keep all employees on one page. Workflow automation.
  • Reduced need for internal IT expertise
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Enhanced security and threat prevention
  • Better document management
  • Smarter business decision.
  • Better hiring process
  • Continuous and custom software development
  • Excellent customer care services


Start a Free Demo!

Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.
Scopex has powered by both the native and Zapier premium with seamiess integration of third-party applications to manage your business on single platform

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How to Create a sophisticated Dashboard that benefits your business


How to Create a sophisticated Dashboard that benefits your business?

CRM Dashboards summarize and reflect the business performance information in an understandable way to the viewer to help better decision making. Dashboards help in detecting any changes in the business at a glance. It can be both positive and negative changes. So, the dashboards are the tools that transform your business data into business value. It gives insight into your performance and helps you make better decisions and forecast sales.
Let’s begin to know the features to look for in a CRM dashboard and learn to create a dashboard that benefits your business.

Dashboards features

  • Dashboards are competitively better than one other in most of CRMs. Some features to look for in the CRM dashboard are as follows.


  • A customized CRM dashboard allows real-time visibility into your business data, processes, and pipeline. The information displayed has to be valuable and actionable for you to focus on top goals without wasting time searching for data that is not significant to your business.

Intuitive interfaces

  • The use of CRM is diverse in a business. Team members of different departments having extensive experience use CRM to view the data. The data in your dashboard must be accessible, understandable, and exportable to any level of user. It mustn’t demand a tech-savvy or expertise to access and interpret the CRM dashboards.

User permission

  • The CRM dashboards must streamline reporting and aid decision-making.

Choose the right CRM

What features of the CRM make it a right to choose?
  • Features including Automated workflows, contact management, contact and lead management, customized pipelines, sales forecasts, win probability predictions, and integrations with the existing tech stack make a CRM the best one.
  • You have to look for an intuitive visual display combined with other features of the best CRM.
  • YScopex CRM software is the best example for brains with looks. Scopex CRM software is robust and powerful and can generate dashboards with the most important metrics for your CRM reporting.

Define what you need to see in your dashboard

  • The superlative CRM dashboards can display reports on almost any metrics. That doesn’t mean we miss the page with redundant graphs and charts. Your CRM dashboards are supposed to give a quick interpretation of the key metrics and data points that show up most on your reports. It should not be cluttered where the team members waste time finding a piece of essential information.
Example: what to include on the sale dashboard?

The dashboard must reflect your sales pipeline and sales process

  • Every business owns its unique sales pipeline and sales process. Your customized dashboards should showcase your sales pipeline and sales process.
  • The layout of your sales dashboard should be easily understandable at a glance. The essential metrics must stay above the fold and are visible. You have to learn to manipulate the appearance of Key-metric data on desktop and mobile dashboards by placing it above the fold.

Build your CRM dashboard

  • Creating custom CRM dashboards depends on the CRM software that you use. Some CRMs offer predefined dashboard templates to simplify the process of building a dashboard. See for customizable CRM dashboards that give visibility of every individual lead and comprehensive information about them. You’ll probably have to make decisions on your data display.

Stay up-to-date

  • Sales and marketing metrics and goals change regularly. Your CRM dashboard must be up to date with regular review. We need to configure the dashboard that automatically updates the data in real-time and ensure no information has vanished from the system. Don’t clutter the dashboards with useless widgets.


  • The dashboards provide an insight into your business data, sales, and KPIs at a glance. Dashboards that showcase just the business information are not enough. You need to access it quickly in real-time to make a better decision. That is where Scopex CRM dashboards come into action. Scopex CRM Dashboards are customizable, actionable, and give real-time insights into your customers, leads, sales, marketing activities, etc.,

Start a Free Demo!

Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.

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What is the ideal time to use texting automation


What is the ideal time to use texting automation?

  • Is your inbox full of messages from different brands? 
  • Are you annoyed with the automated text messages? or,
  • Are you genuinely checking all the piled-up messages?
In the same way, Your customers must be annoyed by automated text messages your business sends them. SMS is a powerful and easy way to reach your customers. Finding a middle ground to convey the message to your customers through test automation and ensuring they check it depends on the golden hours you send it.

Send validation message instantly after web form submission

  • Catch the fish when alive! When a person submits a web form, his thoughts are with your business and brands. That is the right time to make a move before they get distracted and have second thoughts about moving on. Halt them!
  • Instead of waiting for a phone call or email, connect with your customers with texting automation while they are still on your website or app. Human attention span diminishes in a few seconds. Millions of websites and online offers divert the interest by not allowing them to stay on one page or platform long. So, send a validation message instantly after web form submission.

Mobile CRM will never let opportunities slip through the cracks

  • You can reach opportunities any time of the day with the mobile CRM Apps. Yes, it is possible to contact the opportunity you have been trying to reach out to from anywhere at any time of the day using the Scopex CRM mobile App. You can initiate a call right away from the app. You can even record calls, log notes, etc.

Meeting Reminders

  • In the busy world, people often forget their meetings and events. Now, SMS comes into action to immediately remind your customers of upcoming appointments. As said earlier, we miss checking the vital messages among the piled-up messages in our Inboxes. It is wise to send reminders through texting automation very close to the event or activity, such as 30 min before their appointment. It is like killing two birds with a single stone. It fulfills the purpose of reminding them about the upcoming event and makes them feel more worthy.

To Collect pending payments

  • No one likes to receive bills, but an even sadder part is when you forget to pay them on time. Sending the payment reminders through texting automation fulfills many purposes again. It reminds customers about the pending bills, conveys to them that you haven’t forgotten about them, and helps them pay on time.

No response from a customer

  • Unfortunately, your customers may not respond to you due to many reasons. It can either be they are not interested, or maybe they are just lost your message in the pool of it. How do you connect with them and overcome break-up communication? Send them a greeting SMS through texting automation. It provides a renewed communication avenue to nurture your leads and get more sales.

Scopex CRM texting automation

  • The Scopex CRM texting automation feature helps you send automated SMS to groups of people with tailored information for each recipient. It can be either an instant or scheduled message. It personalizes the SMS campaigns to maintain a personalized rapport with groups of contacts.

Start a Free Demo!

Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.

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Scopex CRM mobile Application is a game-changing piece of technology


Scopex CRM mobile Application is a game-changing piece of technology

Connect with your clients, Access important information, and make big decisions on the go using the Scopex CRM mobile edition. Scopex is a Robust CRM Application that consists of advanced technologies like AI and ML to give the best outcome to its users. Scopex CRM mobile application is a game-changing piece of technology.

Benefits of Scopex CRM Mobile Application

  • Gain real-time insights into the key metrics and sales trends in any part of the world.
  • Monitor, access, and manage your business information without the internet.
  • Record customer-related information in real-time.
  • Track and monitor log calls and schedule follow-up activities.

Mobile CRM will never let opportunities slip through the cracks

  • You can reach opportunities any time of the day with the mobile CRM App. Yes, it is possible to contact the opportunity you have been trying to reach out to from anywhere at any time of the day using the Scopex CRM mobile App. You can initiate a call right away from the app. You can even record calls, log notes, etc.

Mobile CRM allows the visibility of customer activities in one place

  • It is a human tendency to make errors or miss pieces of information. Sales reps have the busiest, deadline-driven schedules and are constantly on the go. It is challenging for them to track and monitor all customers and sales activities together. Mobile CRM allows access to information on the go and helps sales reps access contact history, deals details, etc., with one glance at the screen on your hand.

Make your day more productive

  • Mobile CRM allows you to get the most of your day by allowing utilization of any interval of the working day that you could never utilize otherwise for locating prospects and accessing the details about them right from the app. You can navigate the minimum time-travel route to reach your customer and save travel time to maximize product sales time.

The clock time is yours

  • You can work from any part of the world at any time without wasting your precious time during the long transits of your business travels.

Collaborate effectively

  • With Mobile CRM in place, say goodbye to being absent from team interactions and losing out on a piece of information that is important. Sales reps' jobs are always on the fleet makes it tough to be in one place with their teammates. Mobile CRM makes it easy for them to collaborate effectively.

Get the best out of AI and work faster

  • AI technology facilitates automatic recording of the day's activities, changing the deal or lead status in the sales pipeline, adding notes, etc., allowing you to churn the best of the day and helping you finish your manual tasks quicker.

Start a Free Demo!

Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.

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