Batch Picking Software

Streamline warehouse operations, and enhance inventory traceability using Scopex Inventory App for batch pickings

Batch Picking Software & Application

Pick transfers together to make a batch. Transfers can be receipts, delivery orders, and internal transfers. Why waste time and labor costs on the transfers for the same route? Batch pickings make it efficient. Managing multiple orders in a single batch significantly reduces the travel time, travel cost, and labor cost and allows businesses to fulfill large transfers in a single move.

Benefits of Scopex Inventory App for Batch pickings

• Manage complex multiwarehouse environment efficiently
• Arrange a group of orders in the most efficient picking sequence to eliminate mundane processes.
• Seamless packing and delivery of orders
• Save time, enhance productivity and reduce the labor cost
• Improve the Accuracy of picking and storing the Inventory
• Reduce the vendor cost
• Maximized order-fulfilling efficiency.
• Mobile App to manage your Inventory from anywhere at any time.

Features of Scopex Inventory enabling efficient Batch Pickings

• Automatic batch picking and transfer tracking.
• Simple to setup the App and use.
• Real-time overview of Inventory details.
• Accurate, efficient, and quick order fulfillment
• A centralized data management system.
• BAR Code Scanners are incorporated
• Every module of the system is in sync.
• Efficient and optimized Inventory operations
• Prioritize the order fulfillment based on the criticality
• Easy cancellation of transfers from the batch.
• Easy removal of transfers from the batch
• Automatic batch pickings status change to enhance traceability.
• Independent management of each transfer after the batch is confirmed.
• Validate single transfer, create backorder, add to scrap, and return the product from the batch picking.