Manufacturing Order Software

Manufacturing Order Software

Manufacturing order management system

Manage every aspect of manufacturing order in one fully integrated system that keeps your business efficient, transparent, and under control.

Salient Features of Scopex Manufacturing Order Management system

• Automation of Manufacturing order process
• Generate material request
• Create material request
• Integrate quality Inspections
• Update Inventory
• Reports and Dashboards
• Supports multiple manufacturing types
• Multiple options for data based on your needs
• Quick and easy access to all the information
• Manage multiple shipment schedules.
• Full auto integration with other ERP Apps
• Easy to use.
• Accurate inventory.
• Increase profitability.

Why choose the Scopex Manufacturing order management system?

• Increases efficiency
Avoid human errors and save money by investing less in manual resources.
• Provides flexibility
Track and monitor your orders instantly and access the order details from anywhere, on any device, and at any time, with the help of cloud manufacturing management software.
• Provides real-time data
The system provides real-time updates on sales and inventory. Real-time data helps in making better business decisions.
• Manages Inventory
The system provides real-time data about stock levels, stock-outs, billed items, and Manufacturing items and helps the manufacturer to avoid overstocks and under stocks.
• Enhances productivity and profitability
The system powered by automation & seamless integration increases productivity and profitability.


• Automate The entire process flow of manufacturing order (Order placement, Order fulfilment, Creation of GRN, Shipment) from manufacturing request, material required, material request, manufacturing execution, quality inspection, and finally updating the inventory using the GRN process.
• View the size of the manufacturing order, the quantity shipped, and the balance due at a glance.
• Monitor the work centres, list required materials, review the work costs,
• synchronize time and material to the project cost, enter certification data, and log additional charges.
• You can also check for credit approval,
• Check Inventory status in real-time.
• View work and shipment cost analysis.
• These job types allow make-to-order, repetitive, and mixed-mode manufacturers to tailor each job to the appropriate manufacturing model.
• Access your manufacturing order management data anytime from anywhere
• Instantly send invoices and shipping schedules.
• Automatically apply price changes to open orders
• Apply router changes to rate tables with ease
• Track orders shipped in real-time.
• Improve accuracy of forecasting with real-time reports and analytics.

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