ERP for Electrical Manufacturing

Streamline your Electrical Manufacturing process with our innovative ERP solutions.

Fully Customizable, on-cloud ERP Software for Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing

Scopex ERP for Electrical Manufacturing Software encompasses various features like discrete and process manufacturing, multi-level BOM, cost management, MRP & merchandise planning, quality control, supply chain management, wastage control, reporting on mobile, and much more to streamline your business process, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Why choose Scopex ERP for your Comprehensive electrical manufacturing process?

• Improve efficiency and reduce lead times with transparency across departments.
• Automate work orders and purchase orders via Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
• It provides the most up-to-date information.
• It records the actual costs of works orders and compares them against estimates and expected material usage.
• You can easily Set up and manage multiple stock locations, including quarantine locations.
• Run payroll and attach labor costs to individual items, jobs, projects, departments, and more
• Generate Multi-dimensional reports for various KPIs for past, present, and future performances.

Scopex is the best Enterprise Resource Management System

• Manage every aspect of operations and accounts.
• Sequential or Dependent Process Flow
• Discrete or Parallel Process Flows
• Assemble Process Flows
• Mill Process Flows
• Batch or Lot Movement Process Flows
• In-house or Outsource or Job Working Process Flows
• Quality Control Parameter Setup
• Accurate inventory management
• Better stock keeping with SKU code or lot or batch number
• Warehouse space management with product categorization
• Manage multiple stock categories with different product matrix
• Track Cost Per Product / Category/lot/batch
• Process and Part Wise Cost Tracking
• Track piece rate employee/directly involved/in-direct/waste/return/consumption/reworking costs.
• Projected v/s Actual Cost Comparison
• Precise Accounting and Financial Reporting
• Production Scheduling & Resource planning.
• Automated Raw Material Calculations
• Vendor-wise Raw Material Lead time management
• Integrated Vendor Communication Portal
• E-filling of documents
• Supply chain and materials planning.
• Payroll & employee account management.
• Sales & purchase order processing.
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Sales
• Access and Track Cash / Raw Materials / Production / Customer remotely from anywhere at any time.


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