ERP for Steel Manufacturing

Improve Your Steel Manufacturing Business with Scopex ERP Software

SCOPEX ERP is an All-in-one and best ERP Software to automate and streamline steel manufacturing operations in a single place.

• Easy to use Cloud-based ERP
• 100% customizable and scalable
• Simple and flexible deployment
• Competitive Pricing
• The best ERP for small business

Modules of SCOPEX STEEL manufacturing ERP

The best ERP software that manages the entire production and manufacturing cycle like a pro
• CRM & sales
• Inventory management
• Supply chain management
• Human resource management
• Warehouse management
• Order management
• Invoice management
• Purchase management
• Vendor management
• Accounting and finance

Features and Functionalities of Scopex Steel manufacturing ERP

With scopex ERP software, effectively plan, monitor, and manage the entire production cycle from material requests or sales orders to delivery. It automates & generates a material request, conducts quality inspections, and tracks & delivers orders on time.

Multi-level Bill of materials

Automate multi-level material requirements. Track complete manufacturing processes.

Item variants and Batched stock

Manage many items and all their variants.
Create templates of master items.
Filter and track batches of stock based on manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and other details.

Inventory serialization

Maintain serialized inventory with customizable naming series.
Auto-creation of serial numbers.
Barcode scanning via your mobile devices.

Material Resource Planning

Track and manage material procurement and production planning.

Auto Creation of Job Cards

Configure and Define your job card creation for the workstation

Capacity Planning

Plan your employees’ schedules to ensure that you’re producing at capacity with maximum efficiency.

Set auto-Reordering

Define and Automate reordering items as they reach a minimum quantity.

Derive accurate Raw material cost

Track each operation and raw material in detail.

Efficient Vendor management

Give suppliers access to the vendor Portal.
Vendors can easily submit RFQs and purchase invoices.
Set vendor access to ongoing purchase orders and receipts.

Custom Workflows & Approvals

Set approval limits and approvers.
Customize the workflow as required.

How does Scopex ERP streamline your manufacturing process?

Workflow automation
Automate and optimize core business processes and increase productivity

Data centralization
Gain more operational visibility from a single system of record

Real-time reporting
Gain insights and act on them instantly by utilizing real-time business reports

Ensured compliance with regulatory needs
Predict and reduce with real-time business visibility and control

Smartify IT
Integrated ERP Apps that run on a unified platform

Agile system
An advanced system manages inventory, quality production, and on-time delivery increasing customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Scopex?

Scopex ERP for steel manufacturing is a reliable, sustainable, productive, and the best ERP system with advanced technology to manage steel manufacturing across all arranged levels of work.

• It is a technology derived from deep industry expertise and solution
• 100% industry-focused solution
• The cloud-based system that lets you access data anytime from anywhere
• Agile ERP built for the future
• Available at fair and reasonable prices
• Conduits many ERP integrations
• The best ERP software for small businesses


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