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X-Media solutions is a leading web development, IT solutions & business process services company in India that offers digital solutions to its clients globally


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Scopex HRMS App Implementation with necessary customization



Apps implemented

Payroll management   Leave management   Attendance management   Appraisal management   Employee management   Recruitment management   Expenses management   Loan/salary advance management   Dashboards

Problem Statement

They were jumping over the number of spreadsheets to get the job done. X-Media solution found it hard to track and monitor Employee, Attendance, Payslips, and reviews in excel sheets. They even wanted to eliminate the Spreadsheet juggling and wanted efficient HR operations workflow as the company started to extend. They wanted to focus on the Strategic work process rather than wasting time on a mundane task.

Reason for Choosing Scopex

Scopex was their choice of ERP. The functionalities and the features were ultimate to address their pain points.

Benefits to X-Media on Scopex ERP Implementation

  • The pure benefits of productivity are visible in the company within a few months of implementation
  • There is a significant reduction of errors in payroll calculations
  • Hassle-free payments to employees every month
  • Scopex HRMS is a powerful system that helped the company streamline the hiring process
  • Automated all mundane tasks related to the HR department and reduced the overall burden on the HR managers allowing them to focus on strategic works
  • Helped to devise effective business strategies by foreseeing the cost and revenue of the company
  • Effortless recruitment and onboarding helped HR managers to bring the best candidates for defined roles
  • Applying for leave, time-off, raising service tickets, submitting Resignation, and many more aspects of employees are taken care of on a single platform
  • It helped the HR team to allocate resources for tasks efficiently
  • It enabled efficient employee performance reviews that are in line with company standards
  • Hassle-free end-to-end process

Features deployed to X-Media solutions HRMS system

  • Scopex HRMS has offered various customized features to fulfill the purpose of X-Media solutions
  • Email integration with Payroll, Leave approval, and other Employee-HR aspects that trigger notifications to employee’s registered email ID
  • Workflow automation concerning leave management
  • AI-enabled Payroll process
  • Check-in and checkout click for easy attendance management
  • Multi-user Access authorization
  • Workflow Automation of redundant tasks
  • Seamlessly integrates Timesheets, Attendance, Leave, Expenses, Payroll and Accounting, and other Apps
  • Monitors and manages inventory for employees’ skill sets and abilities
  • Efficient Appraisal system – Evaluation of employee performance aligned with company standards
  • Loan and salary advance
  • Mobile Recruiting App
  • Smart notification features
  • AI & automation enabled App
  • Easy Time-off features
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“ We are so appreciative BlazeDream’s Top notch mobile app developers.The team has been extremely helpful on delivering the mobile app on time and budget.Great job Guys!!!

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