Accounts Software For Small Business

Accounts Software For Small Business

Charts of accounts

Chart of accounts is one of the critical functions of any ERP software and is the DNA of your business. With the Scopex Charts of accounts tool, record, and list all the accounts related to fixed assets, liability, equity, current assets, bank and cash, revenue, expense, etc., in the system and Keep track of all activities of the organization efficiently.


• The data-entry procedures are simple and fast.
• Receive in-depth and comprehensive financial reports.
• Reduce Manual errors that help you make precise decisions.
• You can reduce the time for the approval of invoices and cash disbursements.
• Multiple departments can access centralized accounting data.
• Scalability and flexibility.
• Get timely and informative financial reports.
• Understand your business progress and prepare the budget for next year.

Features and functionalities of Scopex COA

• Categorize, configure and customize the accounting details and list the chart of accounts
• Multiple ways to access the chart of accounts either review it from the dashboard or access it from the Configuration menu.
• Define Unique account codes, names, and types. It allows you to customize it directly from the lists.
• Use filters and group by options to view the required accounts
• Enable bank reconciliation feature with just a click for receivables and payables
• Easily create new accounts
• Export, Update and import the existing charts of accounts effortlessly and save time.

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