How much does it cost to implement a new ERP system?

How much does it cost to implement a new ERP system?

If you are looking for an ERP system implementation for your business, you often come across the thought, “how much does it cost to implement a new ERP system?” ERP software varies significantly based on what functionality and features it provides across all business operations. An ERP system encompasses various modules, such as inventory management, accounting, CRM &Sales, supply chain management, warehouse management, contact management, eCommerce integration, barcode scanning, and more.
If your business is tired of using legacy and traditional systems with multiple standalone solutions, it’s time to consider advanced unified ERP systems. All ERP solutions are under one roof to manage your business efficiently and effectively. However, shifting to a new ERP system adds more to the implementation budget. The more functionality, more automation, more modules & Features, robust reports and analytics, and integration will cost more. This cost of ERP is not constant and varies from one vendor to the next and from one agency to the next.

So, what factors decide the cost of ERP implementation?

1. Training costs:

Significantly, the implementation costs cover the training costs. At Scopex, we estimate these numbers based on the number of aspects related to the users, such as the total number of users and their dedicated learning time.

2. Data Migration:

Data migration is moving company data from an existing legacy system to a Scopex ERP system. Our team will review and extract the crucial data from existing systems and sync it precisely in the Scopex ERP system. It is now the additional costs come into the big picture.

3. Cost Considerations:

Don’t underestimate the power of business data. Data migration is crucial and critical when one decides to switch to Scopex from their traditional systems. Data migration quotes can vary from one vendor to the next based on various factors.

4. Customization:

As I said earlier, more features will cost you more money. The implementation of the right ERP system can improve many existing processes.

5. Configuration/Installation:

Scopex ERP software is a cloud-based SaaS model solution where customers will have their server environment configured for their specific company. The configuration costs depend on the complexity of the customer’s business processes, number of locations, business entities, sales structures, etc.

Some of the other Hidden Costs in ERP Implementation:

Hidden Cost behind ERP Implementation is a common pain point in Companies while implementing an ERP System.

  • Labor Costs
  • Testing, Retesting, and Testing Again
  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Re-engineered Processes
  • Ongoing Cost and maintenance cost
  • Resistance of Employees to Adopting new ERP


Many entities decide the implementation costs of an ERP. The cost of the ERP system varies significantly from one vendor to the next based on your business requirement. Scopex provides a wide range of cost estimates based on your business purposes and needs.


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