Scrap Products Management Software

Scrap products

Scopex Scrap product Management system is designed to manage scrap products that are unusable or damaged. It has the following features
• Efficient Scrap IN – OUT Tracking
• Digital Approval Process – User Management
• Quantity Management
• Scraps types management
• Alerting System
• Scrap Store Management
• Graphical Representation
• All-in-one solution
• Comprehensive Dashboards
• Email-based approvals
• Accurate, detailed, and informative Reporting & Analytics
• Inbuilt reports
• Easy to use
• Centralised data management
• Streamlined work process
• Seamless integration with other ERP systems
• Extensive pop-up menus and field validation making data entry simple and user friendly
• Print and scan barcode tags for finished goods inventory
• Define categories, classes, and subclasses for all your material
• Track and Modify the perpetual weighted average cost
• Easy to Customize and configure based on the needs of your business.
• Mobile Cloud based interfaces to keep your business up-to-date.
• Increased efficiency and productivity