Scopex Apps


Single solution for managing business relationships and interactions with customers.

CRM Pipeline

Keep track of everything within your CRM pipeline and handle it like a pro.

Sales Pipeline

Hassle-free conversion of Leads into deals.


All in one solution to manage lead & close the deals faster.

Activity Event Management

Management & filtering of activity records with greater compliance.

Sales Team Management

Sales teams are connected, visible, engaged and optimized.

Customer Management

Get smarter and boost your business with customer-centric CRM.


We sell your stuffs quickly and grow your business.


Get polished quotations to customers in just a few clicks.

Sale Order

Manage & close your sales effortlessly and follow-up.

Customer Management

Increase sales by connecting with your customer.

Sales Team

Gain better team visibility, insight, & better sales

Master Products

Increase sales by managing the products effectively

Inventory Management

Seamlessly run the operations to close the sales effortlessly.


Create purchase request on the go.


Customize, automate and create RFQ’s.

Purchase Order

Get real-time visibility of purchase order propagation

Vendor Management

Record unified information of vendors in one place

Product Master

Gain insights into products and product variants through an interactive dashboard.

Vendor Price List

Configure and Create vendor pricelist and apply on the product.


Track product and services and any of their details.

Product Transfer

Customize the routes of operation and track the product transfer.

Batch Pickings

Locate items with the necessary batch, get the job done faster.

Inventory Adjustment

Configure minimum stock and automate stock backordering to avoid overstocking.

Scrap Products

Define the expiry date on the products and scrap during any stage of the operation.

Reordering Rules

Set reordering rules and avoid stockpiling.

Product Variants

Enhance the traceability of the products by creating product variants.

Lots / Serial Numbers

Track the product movements by creating a new lot/ serial number.

Warehouse Management

Manage multiple warehouses effectively on your smartphone.


Build happy work environment with happier workforce.


Seamless integration and payroll analysis and get override features for any salary components.


Customize feedback templates, seamlessly record the appraisal evaluation reports.


Track and monitor employees’ presence at work using a consistent attendance tracking mechanism.


Access every detail of an employee in real-time.


Automate and monitor all recruitment processes .


Simple as a click on the keyboard and saves production time.


Track the expense report of employees and get an overview of team expenditure.

Loan / Salary Advance

Empower the workforce with the loan and advance salary feature.


Get the complete details about employee leaves, approval, recruitment.


Monitor production and performance In real time.

Manufacturing Order

Track, manage and monitor the manufacturing orders.

Unbuild Order

Track, manage and monitor unbuild orders.

Scrap order

Define expiry dates on the products.

Master Products Variants

Enhance the traceability gaining visibility to organized product variants.

Bill of Materials

create and manage bills of materials.

Work Time Management

Enhance traceability of manufacturing workflow and reduce human error.


Don’t miss out on services!


Automate the alerts for routine inspection.


Get comprehensive visibility into service requests on one page.

Service Providers

Efficiently track and manage service providers.


Nurture the customers with offers and discounts.


Don’t miss out on the requests for services! Efficiently plan schedule and trigger alerts.


Centralize communication and keep everyone in the loop.


Manage your projects in fingertips.


Plan and execute a project of any size.


Timesheets that record and consolidate the hours spent on the project.


Create, assign, organize, & track hours spent on the project tasks using smart timer.


Save your time with a centralized database. Avail the data of all communication, meetings, presentation


Know who is doing what in real-time for accountability and optimize resource allocation.


Manage your business transactions accurately and efficiently.

Overall Dashboard

Plan and execute a project of any size.

Customer invoice

Customize, create and send invoices to customers with just a click.

Vendor Bills

Manage your vendor bills in real-time.

Journal Entries

Understand the profit/loss with a double entry in journal entries.

Credit and Refunds

Take care of your vendor bills, credit, and refunds, payments in real-time

Customer and Vendor payment

Accept payments from multiple sources. Define payment terminologies, localized taxes.

Chart of Accounts

Categorize the accounting details and define the charts of the account.

General Ledger

Effectively manage and prepares the budget using charts of accounts and journal ledger.