Checklists Software

Checklist Software

Flexible facility management app with all the essential requirements for you

No more paper or Excel checklists. Standardized and flexible checklists for faster inspections and optimized checks. Empower employees to document everything consistently, track issues, and resolve them sooner. Use the checklist templates on the Scopex app and adapt them to your needs.

Checklists templates

• Electrical compliance checklist
• Fire safety checklist
• Covid -19 Safety checklists
• Pest control Checklist
• Fitness/ Spa area Inspections
• Plumbing Maintenance Checks
• Facility condition Assessment checklists
• Service provider checklist
Assets checklist
• Inspection checklists
• And more

Benefits of Facility Checklists for Facility Managers

Keeping a hawk eye on everything in facility management is a high priority for facility managers.

• Facility managers can be well organized and contribute significantly to ensure
• optimally managed buildings,
• Track outdoor facilities
• supervision of Service providers
• Carried out Inspections
• adhered standards of safety for Facility dimensions, and much more
• Efficient and reliable tool for ensuring smooth processes
• Ensures FM doesn’t miss anything and doesn’t waste time on the redundant task
• Record your facility management activities with minimal administrative effort
• Track and manage malfunctions and unsafe situations in real time
• Checklists help you with Object inspection, Control of services, quality control, and Deficiency detection with ease.

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