Construction Management

Construction Management Software

Road to unfold the solutions in one application

Streamline the construction management operations and handle ongoing work projects seamlessly.

Stay synced with Realtime Updates

Establish Realtime communication and support. Nail every detail with centralised document storage and automate the administration task.

Get everything with interactive Dashboards

Get complete customizable dashboard based on your requirement.

Run and manage your business anywhere anytime at your palm

Get mobile based software and overcome the drawbacks.

Estimate your cost and billing at the lightning speed

Create customised estimates and branded proposals quickly and easily.

Never miss any communication. Keep everyone everywhere on the same page from day one.

Get unified view of customers. Contact information are fed and placed in single platform to avoid repetitive work and save time.

Leave no room for mistakes with powerful automation and save your time.

Trigger the follow ups with powerful automation. Schedule your meetings and automate the BOQ’s, PO’s, timely completion of PMS, emails, messages, payments, feedback calls and so on. Get alert notifications for the pending task.

Get everything that you are looking for in lead management.

Automate leads capture from multiple sources and customise the leads information. Realtime tracking of leads activity and the lead pipeline. Get viewable Kanban, list view, pivot and graph view of the lead progress and schedule the follow-up activities with leads. Streamline the sales process

Reduce idle time in your day-to-day operations and increase productivity

Make the field workforce more productive through application with GPS tracking and Navigation. Connect digitally with every person in the team and work in synchronisation.

Forecast the project budget and plan wisely.

Calculate the probable cost of work in a detailed manner before the construction project is taken up. Get accurate visibility of your estimations, BOQ’s, cashflow and profitability in real-time.

Streamline the sales process seamlessly.

Manage and track the sale quotations,sales orders , sales invoices and payments seamlessly.

Take the pain out of the project management.

Be the boss of any project with powerful and easy to use App with accurate planning, execution and realtime monitoring.
Define WBS effectively. Track the staus of the project interms of timeline, material consumption, manpower,etc. Track the timesheet employee wise,projectwise, taskwise and teamwise.

Create intelligent supply chain management

And optimise planning ,production ,stock, warehouse and transportation to maximise operational efficiency and asset productivity.

Simplify and Monitor your stocks at all the time with realtime product tracking.

Track and trace every product to their source and get instant product stats. Raise material indents, ROQ’s/ tenders and PO’s. get alerts for reordering and manage vendor registration, onboarding and bills.

Take care of your equipments

By efficient equipment reporting, tracking,scheduling and maintenance.

Take complete control over your finance efficiently

Look professional and automate and manage your account receivables and payables, track profit and loss instantly, manage your taxes efficiently.

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you can connect with your customers when You're on the move,and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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