Manage unbuild orders Manufacturing

Unbuild order

Manage unbuild orders operations efficiently and unbuild the product into its bill of materials effortlessly using Scopex Manufacturing App and increase productivity.

Salient Features

• Track and manage the unbuild order details with various reference points such as Reference, name of the Product, Bill of Material, Manufacturing Order, Lot/ Serial Number, Quantity of the Product, Unit of Measure, name of the organization, and the Status of the order.
• Filter and view orders based on their statuses from done to draft and everything in between
• Group and display the unbuild orders based on product and manufacturing orders.
• Record the information regarding unbuilding
• Efficiently manage the unbuild order whether you manufactured in your organization or the one manufactured outside.
• Easy creation of new unbuild order with details such as the name of the product that is being upbuilded, product’s corresponding Bill of Material, Quantity of the product along with the unit of measure, related Manufacturing Order, Lot/ Serial number of the product to unbuild and the name of the Company.
• Unbuild the components in a single click and record the details of the process.
• View of the product movement from stock to production in real-time.
• Track the stock status categories from New, canceled, waiting for another move, Waiting for availability, available, and done.