ERP for Leather Manufacturing

Improve Your Leather Manufacturing Business with Scopex ERP Software

A cloud-based software designed to support the dimensions of the leather process industry.

Leather manufacturing is a complex and challenging industry, but with Scopex ERP, you can streamline your operations and gain a competitive edge. Our software is specifically designed for the leather manufacturing industry and offers a range of features to help you manage your customers, quality, purchases, finances, and production. Achieve minimized operation costs and enhanced processes via the best ERP software in India.

Modules of the best EPR Software


Track your customers and improve communication with our comprehensive CRM system.


Get a real-time overview of your business performance with our customizable dashboards.

Quality management

Ensure the quality of your products with our advanced quality management tools.

Purchase management

Manage your purchases, including supplier communication and order tracking.

Finance management

Track your finances and make data-driven decisions with our financial management tools.

Production management

Monitor your three stages of leather production processes and ensure on-time delivery with our production management system.

How do Scopex ERP features help your leather manufacturing business?

• BOM formulae generation
• Calculate the landing cost and an average cost
• Calculate the total cost of manufacturing
• Quality control check of leather products
• Tanning process implementation
• Calculate and view the leather cost
• Implement purchase and sales process flow
• Consider numerous variants before implementing the BOM
• Calculate the raw leather rate
• Stock-based planning and making a proper plan of production
• Controls and manages the inflow of raw materials and outflow of leather products
• Keep a record of stocks more than a unit that helps users
• Scopex ERP software helps to select the material based on width, size, and design
• Follow a reliable prototyping and quote system
• Calculate the estimated costs depending on the needs of your business
• You can track goods that get rejected across factories.
• Track stock and provide stock-based and production planning.
• Multilevel BOM generation.
• Integrate inventory modules like purchase orders, transfer orders, and production orders.
• Accelerate production speed by maintaining maximized utilization of raw materials.
• Manage Payroll and vendor effectively.

Leather manufacturing processes supported by the Scopex ERP System

• With unique and robust ERP software ideas, Scopex ERP supports CRM, dashboards, quality management, purchase management, finance management, and production management, followed by a complete leather manufacturing process.
• Scopex ERP Systems support all three stages of the leather manufacturing process – the preparatory stage, tanning, and then the crusting stage.
• On-time analysis and planning, with a minimized amount of wastage, Scopex ERP keeps track of all three stages.

See how Scopex ERP can benefit your leather manufacturing business. Contact us today for a free demo and take the first step toward streamlining your operations.


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