ERP for plastic manufacturing

Advanced, customizable, and the Best ERP software for plastic products manufacturing.

Advanced, customizable, and the Best ERP software for plastic products manufacturing.

With Scopex ERP for plastic manufacturing, simplify the production cycle, channel material resource planning & capacity planning, manage work orders & job cards, and handle subcontracting activities. Go beyond what a legacy ERP does for your plastic manufacturing firm. Scopex is the best ERP system that makes your mind and pocket happy.

What does the best ERP software have to offer your plastic manufacturing industry?

Easy implementation and onboarding
You can implement Scopex ERP into your system and get started instantly. Our support team is on the tip of the toe to assist you around the clock.
Customizations as you need
You can get customized features and functionalities based on your business requirement. Pay only for those custom features.
Stock replenishment
Define reordering rules to automatically create material requests when the stock goes down a minimum level.
Vendor Portal
Manage vendors efficiently and offer easy approval workflows. With Scopex ERP software, submitting RFQs, accessing POs and receipts, and raising purchase invoices for fulfilled orders is never easy before.
Multiple units of measurements
The best ERP system lets you measure materials the way you want. Keep track of multiple units of measurement. Configure the conversion factor in the item master Handle sales, purchase, and inventory transactions efficiently.
Batched inventory
Efficiently manage batch master and maintain manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and other details. Track stocks using Barcode scanning.
Channel capacity planning
Optimize workstations Remove bottlenecks at the shop floor plan level by channeling the capacity plan. Define the period to manage capacity planning schedules
Track subcontracting activities effectively with feature-rich and the best ERP software for small businesses.
Material resource planning
Manage Raw material Procurement and production planning for plastic products Effectively track material consumption of batched inventory.
Shop floor management
Capture redundant activities on your shop floor automatically Track and monitor the status of job work, the location of each workstation, employee tasks, and each work order.
BOM browser
View and update BOMs of sub-assembles in real-time Efficiently maintain accurate costs based on stock value and ongoing procurements.
Bill of materials (BOM)
Create single or multiple BOMs easily Automate the routings and compare the BOMs
Item template and item variants
Effectively manage the plastic product permutations such as material or size.
Seamless integrations
Take complete control over your plastic production cycle. The production analytic report provides an aggregated bird’s view of production status for you to understand your plastic manufacturing business in real-time to analyze manufacturing load and make insightful decisions.
Seamless integrations
It offers seamless integrations with third-party apps on a single platform.

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