leave management software

Leave Management Software

Scopex, An Automated Leave management system

Scopex leaves management system is an HR software that manages employee leave accurately, transparently, and efficiently. Manage employee leaves with a seamlessly integrated system that makes the leave management processing easy for both employees and employers

Why choose Scopex to leave the management system?

• Comprehensive Dashboard
All-in-one Dashboard helps HR managers have a bird view of active employees, absentees, timesheets, time offs, statutory updates, etc.

• Intuitive user interface
Easy menu arrangements, and simple and easy navigation, offer a user-friendly experience for employees and HR managers.

• Customization
Scopex leave management tool offers flexibility to tailor leave types and policies that align with the organization’s leave policies.

• Multilevel approval through ESS, APP & email
Scopex is a cloud-based management system that lets the workforce apply to leave requests on the go from their mobile devices by logging. Likewise, it allows the HR managers to action the approvals on the go. The system sends the response email to an employee automatically.

• Effortless handling of leave credit and debit
 Secure database with hassle-free & automated leave handling
 Auto leave carry forward with custom rules
 Auto leave debit based on approvals

• GPS enabled Attendance.
 Easy to log in to work with GPS enabled Check-in/ Checkout tab.
 Easy to track the Attendance with the current location of an employee.

• Seamless Integration
Scopex seamlessly integrates with other ERP Apps to enhance the data transfer.

• Enhanced ESS portals
View leave details of employees such as past leave logs, current leave balance, duration of leaves, etc.

• Accurate Reports and analytics
Seeing the analytical trend in employee leaves and Attendance, the company can take corrective or preventive measures if needed.

• Efficient Record keeping
Efficiently count the leaves taken and remaining. Keep the workforce informed regarding Leave balance & entitlements, and other leave stats in real-time. No records affect the company paying extra for absences or incomplete work hours.

Functionalities of Scopex leave management system

• Streamlined leave configuration
• Scopex leave management offers the flexibility to define multiple leave types with defined rules and applicability.
• Configure leaves as per the pre-set policies
• Configure leave as per the leave eligibility, accrual, credit frequency, encashment, etc
• Configure multilevel approvals and multi-approver based on organization policies.
• A leave calendar enables the workforce to declare their leave plan for Efficient roaster planning management.
• Easy leave request and approval workflow
• Effortless integration of Time-off, Timesheets, Leaves, Attendance, payroll, and other ERP applications
• Instant report generation
• Realtime data updates
• Instant custom reports generation based on real-time data
• Easy to make critical decisions that are in sync with other departments.
• Automate comp-off calculation and set the comp-off hierarchy based on leave policies.
• Multi-leave calendar to set the employee holidays based on the employee location.
• Scopex offers hourly Time-off to the workforce for any urgent matters.
• Email notifications

Advantages of deploying a leave management system to your business

• A more streamlined attendance and payroll process
• Better employee satisfaction and retention rate
• Better compliance with employment laws
• Significant reduction of error count in the employee Attendance
• Increases the productivity and efficiency
• Standardized enforcement and consistency of leave policy

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