Ware House Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Improve the efficiency of inventory management using Scopex.

Effectively manage all inventory processes and control the status of the goods. Scopex warehouse management includes many advanced features such as preparing inventory counts, tracking and managing the shipping, packing, managing multiple warehouses, etc.

Advanced features to boost productivity by benefiting the inventory operations of your business.

Set customer and manufacturing lead times, define warranties, Location procurement features. Scopex supports double units of product measure to simplify and automate the invoicing procedure.
  • Manage the backorders, inventory valuation, quality, supplier invoices flawlessly.
  • Integration of bar code scanners.
  • Customised alerts and warnings, get smart scheduling tool.
  • Generate detailed analytical reports in real-time.
  • Multiwarehouse management and tracking and controlling the shipping. And, etc.

Track the product both in-house and outhouse operations.

  • Enhance traceability with double-entry management.
  • Check your stock levels for different products for any selected location at any given time.
  • Get real-time information on stock lead times and their locations.
  • Identify products and locations using barcodes.
  • Manage import or export operations effectively and efficiently.
  • Track delay in delivery and receipt at any given time.

Get an insight into Quantitative management of all warehouse-related activities through analytics.

  • Generate reports in real-time.
  • Get the reports for product quantity by location, a List of all inventories by date, and product for any control purpose.
  • Get the reports of the monetary value of your stocks for each location of your warehouse structure in real-time., etc.

Configure automatic order generation under reordering rules.

  • Generate procurement orders automatically.
  • Create manual procurement orders as well.
  • Set minimum stock rules to avoid the out-of-stock situation.
  • Create purchase orders automatically and get validation from the customer with a click.
  • Configure automated/ manual stock moves to ensure the correct level of products at your stocks.

Manage inventory structure efficiently to perform a detailed analysis of stock operations.

  • Create the warehouse structure in multiple locations, such as physical location, partner location, and virtual location.
  • Create counterpart locations such as deliveries, inventory profit-loss, and more.
  • Check your stock operations periodically.

Check your stock operations periodically.

  • Process the multi-order receptions, and process partial and complete shipments with ease.
  • Confirm sales Orders and schedule each order in real-time.
  • Configure Outgoing Delivery stock moves and define your logistic flows.
  • Easily manage and control partial shipments and customer returns.

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