Case study 2


Hospitality Industry


The renowned group of Hotels in India had faced challenges in managing their facility’s maintenance operations. It resulted in decreased productivity and increased costs, impacting the functioning and revenue of the hotels. In search of a solution, the hotels approached Scopex with a need for facility management software that could optimize and automate various processes, including space management, maintenance and repair management, resource booking, and property and lease management. The goal was to enhance the overall efficiency of their operations, increase guest satisfaction, and ultimately drive profits.
Some of the Specific requirements of our client were:
  • Keeping existing assets up and running longer
  • Difficulty in getting information on Repair & Maintenance
  • No proper tracking of work done through vendors
  • The rising repair cost of Assets was alarming
  • No track of the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) expiry

Solution Offered

Having been committed to providing innovative and effective solutions, Scopex was well-equipped to assist the hotels in their quest for improved facility management. The Scopex Facility Management software implementation offered a unique and innovative solution for the maintenance management challenges of the hotel group. With its cloud-based design, intuitive interface, and user-friendly functionality, the software streamlined the maintenance and repair process, reduced downtime, and increased efficiency. The centralized system enabled the chain of hotels to manage the maintenance and repair of their properties and assets across India, leading to increased productivity and a more sustainable operation.
Some of the essential features of the offering are:
  • Track AMC, Create Work order generation and issuance
  • Plan and track preventive maintenance schedules for different categories of assets at frequencies like daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, etc
  • Automate Email & SMS Reminders to alert internal employees & 3rd party vendors on approaching maintenance activity
  • Track vendor performance matrix against contract
  • Get Asset Maintenance history


The Scopex FMS software implementation was proven to significantly improve the overall efficiency of the maintenance management process, leading to enhanced guest satisfaction and cost savings for the hotel. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, hotels could stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive edge in their field. Scopex Facility management system implementation has ensured better maintenance planning for operations.
  • Never missed an Annual Maintenance Contract expiry.
  • Planned Preventive maintenance reduced unexpected repair and maintenance costs.
  • Improved vendor performance evaluation process
  • Comparing real-time repair histories by equipment and asset type, geography, and manufacturer allowed informed and timely decisions.
  • Providing Accurate information on equipment and asset maintenance
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