Wire & Cable Manufacturing ERP Software

• Simple and easy.
• Flexible and Customizable ERP
• Use ERP for a seamless production cycle.

Scopex ERP Software For Small To Large Wire & Cable Manufacturing Industry

Are you looking for the best ERP software for the wire & cable manufacturing Industry? 

Scopex offers the best cloud-based customized ERP software for the wire & cable manufacturing Industry at a competitive price range. Our Wire & Cable Manufacturing ERP Software consists of advanced functionalities with advanced Security features like Database Security, File Storage Security, Accessing Resources, User Rights, Access logs, and IP Restrictions.

Main modules of Scopex Wire & Cable Manufacturing ERP Software System

• Sales Order Management
• Delivery & Distribution
• Sales
• Procurement Management
• Inventory & Quality Control
• Purchase
• Finance
• Production Planning
• Annual Maintenance Contract
• Document Management (DMS)
• Notification & Communication
• HR & Recruitment
• Attendance
• Payroll
• Add-on Modules

Advanced features of Scopex Wire & Cable Manufacturing ERP Software

• Dynamic Multi Dashboard
• Widgets & Charts
• MIS Reports
• Work Automation
• Follow-Up Using Mobile App
• To-do Lists
• Print and Export Documents
• Smart Lead Generation Via Email Reading
• User Defined Vouchers
• Approval Notification
• Auto Email With Configuration
• Dynamic Calendar View with Sharing
• Email / WhatsApp / SMS Integration
• Comments & Bookmarks
• Announcements
• Resume collection via Email Reading

Benefits of Scopex ERP software for Wire & Cable Manufacturing 

• Cloud Based ERP is a SaaS.
• All modules come as Mobile Applications.
• Seamlessly integrated solution and impressive Scalability
• Fast and Affordable solution for the smooth running of the business
• Access all features in one centralized system
• No requirement for installation and specific hardware, and it runs from any browser-enabled device.
• ERP is Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
• Customized Solutions
• Auto Backups
• Online / Offline Support for ERP implementation
• Secure and Reliable Hosting
• Real-Time Access to Information


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Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.

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