Case study 1


A real estate industry


The Mumbai-based Real-estate company was looking to improve its property and lease management processes by incorporating new technology solutions. To achieve this, they have approached through direct contact. Scopex facility management system is a solution that provides needed technology to manage facilities. The goal is to streamline and modernize its property and lease management processes.
Some of the primary requirements of our client were:
  • No repository of Property documents
  • Consolidation of tenant data
  • Lease expiry tracking of multiple tenants is a tedious task
  • Taking care of regular maintenance and repairs of the property
  • Multilingual supported web Applications.

Solution Offered

Scopex Facility management software run on the cloud offers a suite of modules, including a space management software module, help desk management software module, reservation and resource management software module, and property, lease & tenant management software, etc. our clients are diverse and globally located. It helped us to understand the needs of all the business sectors and enabled us to tailor solutions to meet their unique requirements. We have implemented Scopex Property management software to their system, focusing on meeting their demands.
Some of the key features of the offering are:
  • Manage tenants across multiple locations
  • Make Owned and Leased property documents available in one place
  • Regular payment and expiry reminders to tenants
  • Work order generation with vendor management
  • Manage rent calculations and escalations
  • Reports on Payments and Receivables


Our solutions have resolved the company’s concerns of lease expiry and tenant management and helped our client to improve efficiency and productivity and access to benefits such as,
  • Automation saved significant time for Property Managers
  • Tenants never missed rent payment date and Lease expiry
  • Resolved maintenance issues promptly
  • Streamlined rent reminders for the collection process
  • Increased tenant engagement and comfort level
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