Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Management Software

Scopex Purchase order management Tool is a simplified and customizable tool to manage the complete Purchase order lifecycle and create PO directly from requisition for products and services effortlessly.

Features of Scopex Purchase order Application

• Customizable Purchase order templates
• Automation of Purchase order process
• Seamless integration with third-party ERP systems
• Realtime spend visibility and Analysis
• Realtime tracking of Purchase order propagation
• Configure taxes at line-item levels.
• Set seamless workflow conditions based on approval limits
• Configure the PO template to match the required format


• Reduce Catalog-based order cycle
• Increase workflow efficiency for every type of Purchase Order
• Monitor transparent records of every request and approval work stream.

Why choose Scopex Purchase order Tool?

• Scopex purchase order software is a user-friendly tool. It is affordable, simple to implement, and easy to use by anyone requiring no specific skills. • Scopex PO Tool ensures the smooth creation, management, approval, and tracking of purchase orders or requests to ensure the timely fulfillment of orders.
• Scopex PO tool manages vendor details, account information, tax details, and purchase/sales details of your organization under one unified platform.
• It allows authorized access to records or data from the system whenever needed.
• The Scopex PO tool provides robust security and ensures there is no unauthorized access or modification of essential financial data.