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Give life to your business with full-potential Industry 4.0 transformations.

Scopex is a revolutionized CRM and ERP software system powered by advanced technology that offers a wide range of applications.

Scopex is an absolute rise of digital industrial technology with unique features.

Scopex is a robust, agile, and proper ERP solution that caters to a wide range of industries like manufacturing, FMCG, logistics, trading, construction, fleet management, field service management, retail sales, wholesale distribution facility management, and more.
Scopex Offers you enhanced business flexibility and delivers the best operational experiences to customers to stay on top of customer preferences. 

Streamline your system and software with unique features that go beyond scalability, storage, speed, and profit gain.

Wide variety of applications

Get a wide variety of applications like CRM, Accounting and Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory, Purchase, Service, Project, Timesheet, Employees, Payroll, Recruitment, and many more in Scopex ERP software.

Assists you stay on top of customer preferences

Automate the lead capture from multiple sources and get the leads fed straight into sales pipelines around the clock. Track your sales and customer engagement. Advanced features to help you prioritize deals, track analytics, and predict revenue.

Well-established Communications

Keep your communication safe and track email, calls, SMS conversations at any given time on a single platform. Have complete visibility of your schedule and prioritize your work. Horizontal and vertical integration is the backbone of any industry and business. Scopex offers an end-end flow of information efficiently.

Easy access to a comprehensive overview of business through analytics

Allows you to make quick, precise, and realistic business decisions by generating comprehensive analytical reports. Achieve the best by offering the best to your employees.

Bring Teams Together with Mobile Applications

Monitor and manage your business on the go using a mobile device. Establish collaboration easily. Track what, when, and how your business is from anywhere at any time.

Automation the routine work

Establish automation in every area. Improve your agility and have more time to do the work that matters by harnessing the power of automation.

Leverages real-time insights to improve decision-making

Gain access to real-time information about the performance, location, and condition of your business-related activities in your hand.

Establishes Seamless integration to increase efficiency, proactive error handling, and cost control

Establish neat collaboration among multiple departments of the business. Covers end-end operational processes seamlessly.

Centralisation of data

Merge the data of various departments, processes, business units by unifying in a common platform.

With Scopex CRM's Mobile Appp

you can connect with your customers when You're on the move,and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

Scopex CRM

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