Case study 5


IT Industry

Problem statement

One of the top Indian companies manages facility maintenance and helpdesk operations for their corporate house in Hyderabad. The company’s facility management team communicated service requests via phone, email, and in-person interactions and handled escalations via email.

Asset/equipment maintenance management for the building, including preventative maintenance planning, work order monitoring, and lease & contract administration for external tenants, were manually managed and kept up on a standalone Windows application. The facilities management (FM) staff found it hard to reduce the mistakes and duplications that caused inefficiency. So, the company started considering a better alternative.
The main concerns of the company were:
  • FMS that could automate their helpdesk and maintenance operations.
  • Integrated FMS solutions
  • Scalable solution to meet future needs.
  • A Smart mobile application to improve help desk support, expedite maintenance operations and retain tenant contact information.

Solutions Offered

The company began evaluating the market’s top FMS software. The organization selected Scopex FMS after a thorough evaluation that met its business purposes. Scopex FMS software implementation enabled the FM team to streamline all their maintenance operations and gain complete control over the helpdesk support process.
The following are the solutions provided to the company:
  • Automated the helpdesk ticketing process that tracked and monitored support tickets.
  • Enabled the FM team to manage tickets with strict SLAs
  • SLA notifications and alerts
  • The intuitive helpdesk call status dashboard and reports
  • set up a centralized system to track & manage all assets.
  • Solutions that track maintenance schedules & equipment performance and perform regular inspections.
  • Intuitive dashboards & Reports for the team to make better and more informed decisions.


Our cloud-based facilities management software has a track record of increasing workplace productivity while reducing operational expenses and administrative time, yielding a higher return on investment.
  • Through improved communication and quick response times for support calls, the organization was able to streamline and improve the quality of service for both users and the FM team after deploying Scopex FMS software.
  • The technicians had no trouble performing inspections, finishing service orders on schedule, verifying asset information while they were in motion, etc.
  • Scopex FMS has elevated its asset maintenance management to the next level.
  • The company could manage its lease and contract information of its external tenants effortlessly.
  • The business could effectively handle helpdesk inquiries and requests and the maintenance procedure.
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