Credit Note Invoice Software

Credit Note Invoice Software

Credits & Refunds

Scopex Accounting is a robust and fully integrated solution that automates the reverse entry of your customer invoice and process of issuing a refund and notifies the customer about the credited amount.

Reasons to issue a credit note

• A mistake in the invoice
• A return of the goods, or a rejection of the services
• When the goods delivered are damaged

Key features and functionalities of Scopex Accounting for Credit notes and Refunds

• Create credit notes from scratch effortlessly
• Create payment follow-up
• Integrate payment acquirers
• Automate the refund process with minimal manual efforts
• Import bank feeds automatically and speeds up bank reconciliation
• Sync invoices and bills and update accounts without manual intervention
• Reject customer invoice that is not issued to the customer from the entries
• It enables auto-validation of credit, generates credit notes, and reconciles with the original invoice
• Automatically creates a reverse entry and balances the journal items generated by the original invoice

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Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.

With Scopex Credit Note Invoice Mobile App

You can connect with your customers when You're on the move,and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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