Case study 1


Leading producers and suppliers of audio, digital, and electronics products to the Automotive industry.


The company faced challenges due to the large number of customizations, which had to be manually inputted into multiple systems to ensure smooth communication between their decentralized systems. This process proved to be cumbersome and required a significant amount of time and effort to execute effectively. To simplify and streamline its operations, the company decided to standardize on a single enterprise solution and replace legacy systems in locations. The company was operating on an outdated version of ERP software, which included numerous decentralized applications that were difficult to monitor and coordinate. The extensive use of decentralized systems was a major issue the company intended to address. The standalone applications also made the system challenging to navigate and lacked real-time access to critical information. Additionally, the company lacked inventory management capabilities across multiple locations, which further complicated its operations.

The main requirements of the company were:

• Replace legacy system with advanced ERP software
• Automate manual processes,
• Reduce the total cost of ownership, and
• Provide real-time analysis and advanced reporting capabilities for recording, consolidating,
• Provide complete visibility into company-wide transactions.
• Efficient Inventory management.

Solution Offered

Scopex ERP software helps manufacturers streamline their operations and scale up production while reducing costs and complying with ever more stringent regulatory mandates. Scopex Manufacturing ERP was selected as their single enterprise solution to address the challenges.
The majority of their customizations are eliminated and many functions are automated. It would help their operations run faster and more efficiently.
Web access is also now provided across all locations for order entry, service, quotes, and queries allowing access to self-service functions and further increasing the speed and effectiveness of operations.
The company can now take comprehensive, company-wide counts as well as count smaller numbers of items with greater frequency
Real-time analysis and advanced reporting capabilities to record, consolidate, and provide complete visibility into company-wide transactions are now available.
Automated many of their critical business processes
Improved navigation of the system
Provided crucial operational information in real-time.
Accurate, up-to-date inventory information.
reduced their shipping errors, and shortened physical inventory cycle time.


The company has achieved a significant reduction in shipping errors, thanks to the implementation of Scopex ERP.
The physical inventory cycle time has also been shortened to a mere six hours, while the customer on-time delivery rate has increased.
The adoption of the single enterprise solution has led to a reduction in financial closing month-end processes to just three days and eliminated the vast majority of customizations.
The enhanced planning and control capabilities of the system provide full visibility of all material movement, both within and between locations, domestic and international.
The single enterprise solution has also greatly improved business application monitoring, with many manual processes now automated, enabling operational measurements to be performed in real time rather than daily.
Network monitoring has been established, where previously there was none. As a result, inventory accuracy has improved to 99%, helping to avoid costly and time-consuming errors in material planning and scheduling, quickening Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) time from four hours down to just 15 minutes.
Additionally, the improved reporting and visibility of assets and costs have streamlined collection, financing, payment, and settlement financial processes.

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