Calendar Software

Scopex Calendar

Scopex calendar is a simple yet effective app to manage your time effectively and efficiently.
It is a cloud-based integrated solution designed to systematically plan and record your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly business activities.
Has the product been a good partner in doing business?
Sync Multiple Calendars?
Software Integrations?
Location-Based Alerts?
Scopex Integrated Calendar Application does it all!! 

Salient Features of Scopex Calendar

• Interactive and intuitive interface
• It allows online bookings and payments
• Email and text reminders
• Google calendar synchronization
• Employee and location management
• Realtime reports and analytics
• Employee time-off tracker
• Autodetect time zones
• Email templates
• Custom booking forms
• Multiple staff calendars
• AI Integration feature handles automated replies for instant appointment scheduling.
• Assign the task to employees on a daily, weekly, and hourly basis
• Allows employees to view their schedules, Tasks, and clock-in details at any given time
• Record appointment details and business tasks.
• Default and customizable filter options
• Seamless integration with workflow and activity
• Easy to use, flexible and customizable

Benefits of Scopex Calendar

• It is an advanced alternative to paper planners
• Provides you the digital version of the calendar
• Allocate the right time for the Right Activity
• You can Allow individuals and groups access to your schedule
• Schedule online appointments for business
• Control the event types
• One-on-one group meetings
• Populate and update the timeline view of pulse creation automatically
• Set priorities
• Better resource utilization
• Maximized productivity
• Unlimited appointments and client
• Efficient roaster planning
• Avoid scheduling conflict
• change the Calendar display based on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
• Get a preview of scheduled programs and meetings on the respective date on the calendar window.