ERP for Automotive Industry

Scopex ERP’s comprehensive features track, analyze, and overcome inevitable business challenges such as high quality and efficiency of customer service, vendor, inventory, delivery, marketing, and labor management. Control the work of all departments under one system.

An ERP for the automotive industry facilitates:

• Integration of supply chain activities and running a lean business
• Real-time access to information and control of your entire value chain to drive lean manufacturing across your company.
• Robust inventory management with accurate real-time traceability
• Control and monitor multiple projects simultaneously
• Enterprise Visibility
• Serialized label generation
• IoT integration with machines to enable predictive and preventive maintenance
• Operational excellence and error reduction
• Improved customer relationship, customer service, and satisfaction
• Advanced Analytics
• Increase sales with custom-made CRM solutions.


• Quality control
• Accounting and Finance
• Human resource
• Service
• Order management
• Sales management

ERP Benefits For Automotive

• Enterprise visibility by creating one information flow for the working team.
• Reduced production costs, improved product and customer service quality, and increased pay-offs.
• Control activities and improve the performance efficiency of all departments from anywhere.
• Make informed, data-driven business decisions using accurate analytical data.
• Analyze financial parameters effectively.
• Operation and resource efficiency
• Inventory and delivery management

What Automotive Manufacturers Can Do with Scopex ERP software

• Track every operation at your manufacturing plant and production unit
• Manage multilevel and alternate BOMs with dates
• Advanced production planning to get rid of resource-level jamming
• Run lean business with real-time analytics, serialization of label generation, Kanban support, etc.
• Meet regulatory requirements
• Assured product quality with multiple inspection processes
• A brilliant forecasting and vendor collaboration
• A streamlined process for garage management
• Integrated with accounting and GST-ready
• Transform Your Production Management with increased QA/QC standards


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