Journal Entries Software

Journal Entries Software

Speed up bookkeeping with Scopex Accounting software

Automate the entire journal process from creation to approval, with Scopex’s cloud-based accountings


• Easy entry and setup
It is easy to set up journal entries with less effort.

• Intuitive interface
An uncluttered interface helps you focus on making journaling a pleasant experience.

• Reminders
Automatic reminders and alerts help you keep up the journals regularly.

• Exporting
Easily export your entries in a readable format such as PDF.

• Synchronization
Keep your journals up-to-date with effective syncing.

• Affordability
Scopex Journal entry tool is not expensive.

• Flexibility and Customization
Customize settings for privacy, guest, or public access for a journal entry. The page allows you to add comments, assign action items within your Doc and edit Docs as required in real-time.

• A Mobile App
Access Scopex Accounting on your mobile device at any time


• Standardized templates
Templates contain everything you need for doing journal entries. If you forget the manual entry of expense transfers, cash transactions, and other entries, scopex automatically allocates the entries for you.

• Higher data accuracy with automation
Real-time integration helps you to automatically retrieve accounts, cost centres, project codes, and other parameters from your ERP systems into the Scopex journal template instantly with a click of a button.

• Dashboards
Scopex Dashboards provides an intuitive interface for efficient and easy-to-use filters and search options for finding and monitoring journals in the system.

• Approval workflow
Track, monitor, and manage the progress and workflow of journals in real-time.

• Reduce the errors in Accruals and reversals
You can easily define an automatic reversal date for a journal while creating an entry itself. Create a reversal journal based on the original journal with just one click and reduce the errors.

• Dynamic Recurring entries
Dynamic Recurrence rules automate the allocation of expenses and profits to correct periods.

• Gain a permanent Audit trail
With automation, eliminate the need for paper-based and manual archiving processes.

• Documentation and security
It allows you to add comments and attachments to the journal to a specific action in the action log.

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