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Streamline the entire sales process with advanced level sales management and stabilize the most vital part of your business with Scopex. Easy to use software to simplify and manage the sales process and get a bird’ view of the entire sales pipeline. 

mobile sales tracking app

Say Goodbye to repetitive tasks using automation, and focus on sales generation

  • Use your valuable time to build connections and generate sales instead of spending it on repetitive routine works. Maintain the traceability of customers by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Say goodbye to repetitive tasks like sending routine to follow-up emails. Follow up on every deal- schedule the activities, prioritize the work.
  • Send automatic email predefined template with content and pdf attachment on the mail. Send it by simply clicking send button.
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Manage the entire sales process communication in a single platform

Sales Apps
Get a Transparent view of your communication for each project and each customer. Track all the interactions done for each quotation in the chatter. Your communication is safe.

Customize according to project needs

  • Configure the quotation template, sales orders, sales team, product and activity information based on your business requirement.
  • Reorganize the offer by adding more products when there is upselling opportunity.
  • Map your sales process using a customized sales pipeline.
mobile sales app

Get various pricing schemes such as basic pricing and pricelist

Sales Management Software
  • Keep the original sale price unaffected on the product page by changing the unit price from the order line to a specific product of a specific customer in the quotation.
  • Add your standard terms and conditions, validity, payment terms, the delivery method in the sales order.
  • Negative pricing for unit price and multiple pricing features for volume pricing.
  • Price computation to compute a price by fixed price, percentage, and formula.

Single click invoice generation with seamless integration

  • Send invoices directly from the Sales app that helps you in follow-up.
  • Create an invoice by simply triggering create invoice button.

sales management app

Seamless integration with other Apps

sales application

  • Track your past communication and transaction with your client at any moment.
  • Select predefined quotations for the product line.
  • Trigger the new quotation directly from the CRM pipeline.
  • Get multiple shipping services and multiple payment gateways integration.
  • Find the information about the product in the quotation that helps to adapt the offers to client needs.

Sales team are connected, visible, engaged and optimised

  • connect the sales team to each other irrespective of geographical barriers.
  • view the entire sales team information with interactive sales team dashboard.
  • Optimise the sales process to get future ready with real-time reports.
lead management system

Get hold of Detail metrics and analytics

with run sales
  • Have insights into your sales activity, revenue by sales person, revenue by product category.
  • Categorize the reports by weeks or months or by years.
  • Get real-time sales forecasting and adjustments.

Have multiple views for the data such as Kanban, calendar, list, and graph

Filter the sales orders, products, customers for different criterias. Manage the entire sales department on a single screen. Get a very smooth interface to close your opportunities effortlessly.

sales team management software

Get Real-time access to insights directly from the dashboard

app sales
  • Get real-time customizable reports in interactive dashboards to aim at realistic targets.
  • Dashboard that gives real-time measured data, group by different criterias of your sales team, sales pipeline activity, sales orders, customers, products, sales revenue etc.

Manage your master data easily

  • Add new quotations, customers, and products. record the customer information such as website, address, contact number, and many more.
  • Add new product and configure under order line.
  • Get predefined quotations for product line offers, and many more.
best sales management software

Create and utilize excellent quotations

sales and inventory management system
  • Choose the quotation template according to your preferences while sending quotations to your clients.
  • Get a sign the deal online feature.
  • Get the predefined quotation templates. Get a printable version of your quotation and add your business logo to it.
  • Integration with an inventory, accounting, calendar, and etc.
  • Integration with multiple shipping services and multiple payment gateways


Send clear and complete professional quotations to your prospects in a couple of minutes using a wide range of templates.
  • Get polished quotations to customers in just a few clicks, and send via email.
  • Define discounts on order lines of quotations.
  • Define a negative price on the quotations.
  • Set the price list for the same product based on customer, quantity ordered, and time of sale.
  • Add product descriptions and additional information simply by dragging and dropping building blocks.
  • Design custom quotations in a few clicks and reuse them to save time.
  • Get the complete customer and product information integrated into the quotations.
  • Scopex allows you to take a printout of your quotation.
sales management system

Sales Order

sales management system
Manage and close your sales effortlessly and enhance traceability and follow-up.
  • Convert the quotations into sales in one click. Send the order of acknowledgment to customers.
  • Save time with the ability to customize the sales orders.
  • Manage reviews and approval from different teams
  • Track delivery and invoice status accurately.
  • Track each phase of the contract- invoice, renewal, and Upselling.
  • Set the credit limits for customers and sales reps. Get exceptional approval at the time of order approval.
  • Get visibility and notifications of pending orders.

Customer Management

Record unified customer information and communication in one place. Increase sales by connecting with your customer.
  • Seamless integration of modules allows retrieving complete information of customer in lightning speed.
  • Automate the quotation customer information filling up.
  • schedule follow-up activities and set an alert notification.
  • Set credit limits for customers.
  • Empower sales team with updated data of the customer in real-time.
customer management

Sales Team

best sales management software
Gain better team visibility, team insight, and better sales decisions by collaborative sales effort.
  • Add and manage different operations of the sales team
  • Assign, manage, and track the task to the sales team and gain a bird view of sales team operations.
  • Get real-time visibility to Sales team analysis.
  • Generate analytic reports of sales team performance. Sort and group the reports based on multiple parameters.
  • Manage review and approval from different teams easily in a single platform.
  • Connect the sales team irrespective of geographical barrier. View the complete sales team information with an interactive sales team dashboard.
  • Optimize the sales process to get future-ready with real-time reports.

Master Product

Increase sales by managing the master products effectively.
  • Add new product and configure under order line.
  • Define price list for the products and product variants.
  • Define discounts based on customer, quantity ordered, and time of sale.
  • Set automatic backordering of the product to guarantee the product availability for sales. Define minimum order for each product.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the products and product variants through an interactive dashboard.
  • Define localized taxes.

master product

Inventory Management

inventory adjustment
seamlessly run the operations to close the sales effortlessly.
  • Seamless integration that provides inventory reports to the sales team.
  • Sales team can directly check the product availability and plan the sales accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scopex CRM App is the fully-fledged, robust and perfect mobile sales App available in the market. It has features and functionalities to drive your sales and is scalable.

Yes, a sales management app is crucial as it generates revenue for your company or business. It involves the process of sales team management, sales target, target evaluation, sales reporting, and forecasting. Scopex CRM efficiently manages your business sales.

We suggest going for (ABC) POS Software that efficiently tracks and manages sales transactions, inventory, history of customer purchases, and employees. It makes the job easier by having advanced features to ensure the smooth conduct of sales operations.

Scheduled sales apps interest people who want to manage suppliers or vendors, and attract customers to the store with email marketing campaigns and sales planned. A Scheduled App can make this vast amount of work easy by automating many processes.

Step1 : Restart and update your device. If it doesn’t work, Step2 : Switching to Scopex Sales App is the best solution. The App is highly responsive on any platform and device.

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