sales team management app

Sales Team Management App

Sales Team Software

Scopex Sales team management App is a fully customizable, unified platform with seamless integrations to reduce admin work, increase the efficiency of your sales workforce, improve communication, save time, reduce costs and make your company grow. Drive success for your business by controlling the entire sales department on a single platform. Manage sales team, their work progress, and whereabouts effortlessly.

Features of Sales Team Software

The sales team is at your fingertips

• Get the app on your mobile device to empower the workforce productivity.
• Access the database related to the client and sales from anywhere, at any time.
• Track the exact location and distance travelled by your sales team.
Track, monitor, and manage your sales team efficiently
• Streamline the team based on geography/market metrics.
• Assign tasks and targets.
• Get notified when they get new orders and collect payments.
• Assign tasks based on location/territory.
• Manage and monitor the workflow in a sales funnel easily from anywhere, anytime.
• Track the sales team with real-time reports.
• Manage their leaves, attendances, and expenses effortlessly.
Reports and analytics
• Generate sales team analysis report in real-time effortlessly.
• Easily track pipeline performance.
• Get a bigger picture of the performance of your sales team with pipeline analysis. Get reports such as conversion ratio, deal size, etc.
Comprehensive Dashboard
The interactive dashboard provides all the details of your sales team and its performance.
Unify your sales team on a single platform

Scopex allows to
• Connect and track the sales team to each other irrespective of geographical barriers.
• View the entire sales team data in an interactive sales team dashboard.
• Optimize the sales process with informed decisions using real-time reports.
• Keep everyone in the loop with a clear view of the sales pipeline and the status of the deals.

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Scopex Apps provides a FREE Demo to all its client to play around with the product & get to know if it suits their business. Scopex apps also offer a 1 to 1 free demo session to explain how you can use Scopex apps for your business.

With Scopex Sales Mobile App

You can connect with your customers when You're on the move,and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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