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Lots and serial numbers and Inventory management

Boost the traceability of the products using Lots and serial numbers.

Lots and serial numbers

Track and manage the Inventory efficiently and get granular Inventory data that is more accurate.

Benefits of using Lots and serial numbers

Tracking the Lots and the serial number of items in your Inventory provides a granular look at what you have in your Inventory.

• Identify the build of every product that leaves your warehouse.
Get information about the size, color, and configuration of an item that leaves your warehouse by tracking the lot and serial number.

• Get a clear view of your popular product.
It allows you have a clear view of which configuration of your products is the best seller. It helps you make informed decisions.

• Reduce risk
The inventory Lot and serial number database will help minimize the risk of a shipping error.

• Ease the Product recall process
When the recall process occurs at any company, it is easier to handle when you have lots and serial numbers assigned to the products.

• Prevent fraud and simplify warranty returns
With lots and serial numbers, confirm that the item coming in for return/ warranty issue/ scrap is the same one that went out.

• Improve turnover rate tracking
Lots and serialized Inventory let you track and find the individual products throughout the supply chain. Estimate Product-specific turnover rates using serials and lots.

• View after-sale service history
Use serial numbers to check the history of the product.

Benefits of using Scopex Inventory for your business

• Streamline processes and save time with efficient customization and categorization.
• Track and manage your Inventory efficiently.
• Establish seamless integration with other ERP modules
• Establish efficient collaboration with suppliers
• Barcode scanning makes the data input easier into the ERP system
• Generate reports and print them directly from the platform.
• Make purchase order reports directly from the ERP system and reconcile them against the PO.
• Generate automatic or manual lot or serial numbers for the items.

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