Manufacturing case study 2


Food & beverages industry (batch and process manufacturers)


The company had been dedicating a significant amount of time to attempting to reconcile dissimilar ERP systems but was unable to find a resolution with the respective vendors to remedy the various issues. In order to address these pain points, the company required a singular ERP solution. The company sought an ERP vendor capable of providing comprehensive support, maintenance, and updates, ensuring that their solution would remain relevant as their requirements evolved over time.
The existing systems included two distinct databases and separate software applications that lacked integration, resulting in discrepancies in output. The company sought to streamline end-to-end manufacturing and operations processes, reducing the need for multiple systems and manual workarounds. To achieve this, the company required a customized API and the support of a dedicated team.
Previously, the company engaged a third-party maintenance, work order, and supply system, but the system was no longer adequate and required an updated solution.


Scopex’s knowledgeable and flexible support team was able to customize implementation support to the precise needs of the business and provide exceptional ongoing support.
A single system with a support group built on APIs was offered to the company.
Scopex ERP has also provided a Business intelligence platform and data warehouse such as customized dashboards and reports.
In the data warehouse, they created a whole array of dashboards and reports that pull data and allow executives to make more informed decisions
Inventory and vendor master shared with the supply system so purchase orders can be entered in the software, using those vendors and parts.
Automation with their equipment on the production floor


Scopex ERP software was their best Partner in the business evolution.
Scopex Manufacturing ERP is a completely integrated ERP solution designed for businesses like theirs, so there are no longer conflicting data sets, answers, and reports.
Scopex integrates all of the features that the company needs including MES and APIs including EDI, which has made customer retention and acquisition easier. Because the company had a single system with a support group built on APIs, it became a time saver and company efficiency booster.

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