Case study 4


Retail Industry


A well-established supermarket chain with multiple franchises across India, offering a diverse range of products like groceries, bakery items, vegetables, fruits, meats, and more, faced challenges in efficiently raising service requests and maintaining its assets. To overcome these issues, the company approached ScopexAppsIndia Pvt. Ltd. through direct contact.
Some of the key challenges listed by retail stores were:
  • Difficulties in raising service requests for maintenance of assets in their store
  • Unable to track the technicians for assigned job work orders daily.
  • They had no means to measure the performance at work, time consumed for work, completeness of the fix provided, etc.
  • They wished to have closer scrutiny of the performance and promptness of service engineers.

Solutions Offered

ScopexAppsIndia Pvt. Ltd. offered a solution in the form of its robust and flexible Facility Management System (FMS) software. Scopex FMS was customized to meet the client’s specific requirements, and the software implementation provided the supermarket chain with the potential to effectively and efficiently address their challenges and manage their assets.
  • Scopex FMS enabled them to generate and print QR codes and labels on assets. It helped in effortless asset identification and retrieving service history whenever needed.
  • Mobile application portals for all their Store Managers & Supervisors to raise service requests instantly
  • empowered Supervisors to assign or reschedule jobs from anywhere at any time.
  • The implementation of Geo-Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing allowed for the prompt dispatch of service engineers to the store, resulting in a quicker resolution of any issues.
  • Managers could measure the Average Response time, Average Resolve time, SLA Compliance effortlessly, etc.
  • They could generate Reports of Service Request Raised v/s completed.
  • Individuals can generate work order reports with photos and videos with KPIs.
  • Service Checklists provided the quickest fixes.
  • Multilevel reminders and escalations.


As a result of the implementation of Scopex’s Facility Management System solution, the supermarket chain addressed its challenges effectively, improving its overall efficiency and smooth operation.
  • Scopex FMS enabled Smooth Work-handover to a new team or external service contractors.
  • Accurate technician performance analysis based on various aspects and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics
  • Store managers could set their benchmark performance by comparing it with other stores with proper authentication.
  • Mobile applications have helped managers to carry out work from wherever they go.
  • It provided Clear visibility and hassle-free transportation of assets and tools between the locations.
  • It offered Multilevel reminders and escalations to track the pending tasks.
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