Case study 5


Food & Beverage


The parent company operates two distinct business entities, each using different ERP systems. The goal is to integrate operations between both businesses. However, the ERP system utilized by the first entity is characterized by limited functionality that makes it challenging to monitor and manage inventory availability and location.
As a result, the team faces difficulties in making informed decisions, as they cannot accurately track materials during their daily counts. This leads to assumptions about material usage, resulting in waste or stockouts, and causing production delays. The situation is compounded by the heavy reliance on hard-copy paperwork in system procedures.
The challenge, therefore, is to find a solution that will improve the inventory tracking and management capabilities of the first entity’s ERP system while integrating the operations of both entities.

The main requirements of the company

• Eliminate manual paperwork
• Automate workflow
• Inventory Management,
Centralizing Operations and Data,
• Scalability


• The ERP implementation team from Scopex demonstrated impressive speed and efficiency while providing valuable assistance to the company.
• They played a critical role in streamlining the business operations and enhancing the ERP functionality by establishing a centralized and standardized environment that averted the problems typically associated with using disconnected or multiple ERP systems.
• The expertise and support of ScopexAppsIndia.Pvt.Ltd. implementation team proved instrumental in enabling the two businesses to operate cohesively with a greater level of ease and efficiency.


• Scopex’s efforts led to a reduction in both the workload and headcount at the business, achieved through the implementation of advanced track and trace capabilities.
• These capabilities empowered staff to pinpoint the precise location of an item within their facility, from the warehouse rack to the bin location, saving valuable time and resources.
• As a direct result of this enhanced efficiency, the company was able to reduce its warehouse staff from 10 to 7 individuals.
• Additionally, the company could perform reliable cycle counts just once per week, instead of daily, which saved the team an average of 8 hours every week, amounting to 32 hours per month.
• With a precise and up-to-date view of inventory and production processes, the company could prevent unexpected stockouts and minimize production downtime.
• The successful implementation of Scopex’s ERP system has enabled the business to operate more efficiently and with greater efficacy.

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