Are you looking for alternative ERP Software?

Are you looking for alternative ERP software?

Years ago, when people switched from using landlines to mobile phones, it was an easy decision as the benefits came without question. But today, with most mobile phones having advanced features in the marketplace, it is always hard to answer which is the best mobile phone to consider.
The same goes for ERP systems. Most companies found it easy while migrate from manual processes to ERP systems. Today, there are many worth alternatives to legacy ERP systems in the marketplace with an array of features and functionalities, making the companies question the validity of the complete suit ERP replacement concerning the time, cost, and risk.

If you have the same thought and looking for alternative ERP software, here are some points to consider.

1. Custom ERP solutions

Most companies bring standalone systems and integrate them. The best-of-breed ERP environment should be strong enough for consideration when you must address the pain points of the department of the organization. Depending on your business requirements, you can choose standalone systems or go for vendors who offer you Custom ERP solutions at affordable prices. SCOPEX ERP is a unified custom ERP solution to accelerate your business success.

2. Process Improvements

While looking for an alternative ERP system, consider evaluating whether process adjustment can mitigate any pain points. Because process updates are part and parcel of any technology transformation, but process improvements can often happen regardless of technology.

3. Training and Adoption

Adequate training and monitoring are critical when an organization considers adopting new technology. Training needs to be ongoing and scalable based on the requirement.

4. Update or redesign existing systems

Most of the time, you undervalue the worth of existing technology and underestimate its functional capabilities or don’t use it to its full-fledged capacity. ERP systems auto-update and get upgraded constantly, but it doesn’t mean that you use all the available features and functionalities. You must know that businesses are in a constantly changing mode. The business processes initially programmed into the system architecture can deviate from the revised business process, and your system can fail to handle it. Any change in the business always impacts the processes and the stakeholders to some extent.


As you are looking for an alternative ERP or determining the need for ERP, the blind choice can cost you time, money, and business risk in the long run. Get help from Scopex ERP consultants to help guide the evaluation.

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