Facility asset management software for your business

Facility asset management software for your business

Facility asset management software has evolved significantly over the years. Enterprise asset management involves asset maintenance, planning & scheduling, work order management, inventory management, supply chain management, etc. Today, cloud hosting and executing maintenance & tracking through smartphones and tablets are standard features of advanced facility management systems.

Embrace Scopex Facility asset management for your business that delivers the item & cost traceability, optimizes the quality and utilization of assets, inventory, tools, and equipment throughout their life cycle, increases productive uptime, and reduces operational costs. FM software assists in managing assets at the most granular level to meet operational and compliance requirements by having the best facility management tools.

Scopex Facility asset management software provides a single platform around management & maintenance facilities and operational assets with a centralized database. Here are the details of how Scopex facility management tools assist your facility operations efficiently.

  • Scopex is one of the top facility management software
  • Recording and managing assets as unique or individual records through a serial number or barcoding
  • Track and manage the assets that need disposal
  • Individual asset tracking and auditing
  • Incident tracking
  • Uninterrupted equipment functioning maintenance
  • Reduce operational costs
  • ERP solutions integration
  • Enterprise-class cloud-based platform
  • Manages the complete life-cycle of fixed or mobile assets, property, and evidence at a granular level
  • Centralized database
  • Unified platform for all
  • Predicting potential operational problems
  • Empowers the workforce by providing a single source of truth for governance, risk, and compliance
  • The system is complementary to the existing IT ecosystem of the users with integration capabilities

What are the benefits you gain from the best facility management software?

  • Scopex FM system helps you gain control of complex environments. Having a glance at a comprehensive dashboard gives every detail about your assets and equipment in real-time.
  • Scopex facility management app provides flexibility to define permissions according to the user depending on their levels to have visibility to access asset information.
  • It offers high-level Integration with the existing systems to deliver higher functional capabilities.

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