Manage your hospital management all in one platform

Manage your hospital management in an all-in-one platform that provides a completely integrated solution for hospitals. Scopex HMS Software integrates all functional modules with which you can efficiently manage every operational challenge and activity performed in the different areas of the health care unit. It includes OPD, IPD, appointments, pharmacy, laboratory, portals for doctors, patients, and staff, medical billing, accounting, HR, Payroll, etc.
The architecture of Scopex HMS is such that it provides End to end Hospital management solutions to optimize the workflows for the hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, doctors, hospital staff, and patients. Scopex HMS software allows hospitals to step ahead and enhance the productivity of administration services. The services included are management of patient data, medication, lab, scan reports, etc. Additionally, it tracks every single piece of data to avoid common errors that healthcare cannot afford. Remarkably, with Scopex Custom HMS, hospitals can incorporate better revenue management.

Modules included in Scopex HMS

Contacts management


• Pharmacy management

• Tele caller management

• Registration

• Patient masters

• Doctor masters

• Lab & Scan Results

• Prescription

Accounting management

Benefits of Scopex HMS for your healthcare unit

There are tremendous benefits from the usage of Scopex HMS software.

• Easy and quick service delivery

• Mobile portal for patients and doctors

• Helps in the smooth running of the entire hospital’s functions

• Effortless & customizable data entry forms

• Manage record paperless

• A centralized patients record system

• User-friendly system

• Gripping revenue management

• Complete data security with authorization

• Easy information access

• Flexible reporting system

• Enhance privacy & data security

• Accessible with doctors & other staff members

A Final say:

Hospital jobs, nursing homes, and pharmacist jobs are stressful. Scopex is a cloud-based hospital management software that assists healthcare departments in managing reports digitally without error. The Hospital Management Software track, monitor, and manage the operations of all departments effortlessly. Scopex is the best place that guards your trust and gives you peace of mind.

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