Know the Key modules in an ERP system for the logistics Industry

Know the Key modules in an ERP system for the logistics Industry

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Enterprises are looking for optimization and enhancement through integrated systems, 360-degree visibility, and advanced intelligence-embedded technology to carry out complex activities in logistics. Logistics business has to deal with supply chain, procurement, Inventory management, and other modules. An integrated ERP software solves the disconnect among the modules and offers improved business insights into their priorities and strategies to introduce resilience and reliability across the logistics business.

Let us know the key modules in an ERP system for the logistics Industry.
Scopex ERP can empower your Logistics business with ERP modules in a unified platform.

  • Accounting & Invoicing features
    • Payment receivables and payables reminders
    • Automatic generation of PO, Invoice, and bills
    • Detailed analytical reports generation on sales, purchases, & gross profit
    • Management of tariffs & discounts for both vendors and customers
    • Maintenance of rates across different modes of transport
    • Auto-configuration of new accounting and finance modules
    • Flexible customer invoicing capabilities (order cancellation, reorder, new orders, discounts, loyalty programs, discounts, etc.
  • CRM & Sales
    The CRM module in an ERP system help strengthen customer relations and understand customer expectations and experience with the logistics services. Manage customer touch-points like Emails, feedback, grievances, ticketing system, auto-reminders for a call-back, etc., on a single platform.
  • Fleet Management
    Manage the fleet from a centralized platform for effectively delivering the logistics operations.
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
    The IoT integrated module for data generation, serial number tracking, and incorporation of value-added services.
  • Asset Management
    ERP systems in logistics offer Maintenance, repair, and service activities with predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Supply chain Management
    Scopex ERP for Logistics assists in managing activities like arrival, departure, no-claim of goods, returns, resource planning, carrier schedules, quantity mismatches, good consolidation, segregation, hub audits, quality checks, compliance, and more.
  • Purchase Management
    This module helps in the management of material requests and procurement. The vital functionalities include the creation of RFQs, POs, multivendor quotes management, etc.
  • Human Resource Management
    • Payroll & attendance management
    • Expense claim management
    • Leave management
    • Insurance and claims
    • Recruitment
    • Appraisals
    • Training and orientation
  • Customer Support
    This module helps provide premium customer support and grievance management.

ERP software offerings to Logistics Industry

  • Offer seamless workflows during manufacturing, consolidation, dispatch, distribution, and delivery.
  • Integrate global multi-mode and multi-route transportation functionalities
  • Leverage automation for warehouse operations, synchronized shipping, and transportation
  • Management of multi-supply chain partnerships and collaborations
  • cloud deployment with minimal infra investments.
  • Integrate data analytics into business systems.
  • Periodic report generation.
  • Barcode generation and scanning,
  • Auto-tracking capabilities of goods before, during storage, and after transfer.
  • Hassle-free freight forwarding, Etc.

Benefits of ERP for the Logistics Industry

  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Real-time tracking with GPS integration
  • Optimized Inventory Control
  • Improved Distribution time and channels
  • Enhanced employee Management

Core capabilities of a modern-day ERP for the logistics industry

  • Inventory visibility
  • Real-time warehouse management
  • Real-time tracking of inbound and outbound delivery
  • Advanced analytical tools
  • Comprehensive and interactive Dashboard
  • Optimized asset management
  • Integration of SMS, Emails, and Calendars
  • Integrated logistics for supply, demand, and planning with warehouse operations


When you deploy a robust ERP system in your logistics firm, the profitability increases for all involved in logistics operations, and the business processes can be optimized and managed effectively & efficiently. ERP software has proven to be a blessing to the logistics sector. You should implement an ERP system in your logistics firm to see a maximized return on investment and increased bottom line. A Scopex ERP system has an advanced architecture built on the cloud to provide the best service.


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