A complete solution for the Trading Industry

A complete solution for the Trading Industry.

The success of a Trading & Distribution company depends on service quality and product delivery. The Scopex ERP offers an extensive aspect of the trading business, such as Strong logistic organization, Faster distribution, product categorization, service cycle management, Modernized marketing, and Fully functional inventory that will assist in the consistent growth of the trading Industry.
The Scopex ERP system is designed with rich features and functionalities to handle the trading sector efficiently and effectively. It provides enterprise-level, industry-specific solutions that enable companies to manage their operations seamlessly. Scopex ERP Software is a complete solution for the trading industry.

Scopex ERP features for your Trading Business

  • Scopex encompasses all the features that allow the hassle-free management of your trading sector operations.
  • Sales management
    Scopex ERP software ensures hassle-free sale operations and functions with dedicated operation management and control tools.

    • Draft Sales quotations
    • Well-structured Quotation templates
    • Sales order via email to the customer
    • Send out Proforma Invoices
    • Define custom payment methodologies
    • Discounts and Coupons programs
    • Sales team management
    • Automated Sales alerts
    • Ability to lock orders
    • Integration of numerous Shipping connectors
  • Inventory and warehouse management
    With Scopex trading ERP software, you can seamlessly obtain a complete and detailed view of the multiple warehouses, know the stock locations product-wise, and dispatch them accordingly. You can revise, edit and fix the order levels using Scopex software.
  • Purchase Management
    Scopex makes life easier by assisting in the management of the entire route of a purchase orders effortlessly.

    • Purchase order creation,
    • PO approval,
    • backorders,
    • Dispatch,
    • Invoicing,
    • Order history tracking,
    • Delivery tracking,
    • Budget forecast,
    • Quality inspection of the materials.
  • Budget and Finance Management
    An efficient Scopex ERP system can improve cash flow operations and boost transaction procedures. It generates accurate and real-time analytics and reports and assists in data-driven business decisions. You can have complete control over your finances, and the software assists in the precise utilization and allocation of the fund. It has all the advanced tools for real-time tracking of fund usage and sales history.
  • Logistic shipping and delivery
    With the help of Scopex ERP software, keep track of the supplier contract numbers, delivery lead times, consignment stock information, and stock levels anytime from anywhere. It is easy to track the delivery and procurement information using Scopex ERP software.

    Reverse logistics management
    You can customize and set the return policy and return cost management that is significant to your trading business. Streamline, automate, and manage the order return operations easily using scopex ERP software. You can even keep track of the return orders efficiently using Scopex trading ERP.
  • Fleet management & distribution
    Scopex ERP is a mobile App that eases fleet management and tracks any additional expenditures. Track the consignment charges and add the value of the cargo expenses for the purchased materials. Generate and analyze the various reports related to goods.
  • Employee Management
    The exceptional operational features of Scopex to manage the employee database makes it suitable to run a Trading company of any scale.
  • Quality analysis and management
    Scopex ERP software for trading business will be your apt choice. Scopex with advanced operational functionalities to ensure the best quality analysis and management.
  • Conclusion
    Scopex ERP software is a customizable and unique enterprise resource planning software for trading businesses. The flexible ERP solution and its operational capabilities can assist your trading business growth in numerous ways. The Scopex ERP is a unified platform for your trading company. Therefore, if you are looking for effective ERP software for your Trading & Distribution business, SCOPEX ERP must be the ultimate choice.

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