Is it challenging to manage remote sales and sales teams using Scopex CRM?

Is it challenging to manage remote sales and sales teams using Scopex CRM?

Absolutely NO! If you have incorporated Scopex CRM into your business, it can take your sales over the storm, improve sales team productivity and manage your sales pipeline without leaving your desk.
If you say you can manage remote sales and sales team effectively, it doesn’t make sense to an old-school salesperson. They may find it challenging to accept that a big part of the sales process is effectively through remotely where the salesperson and the prospect have not collaborated face-to-face.
The pandemics situation in the world has consequence in the shifts in consumer behaviour and evolution in B2B selling. During the pandemic and Post pandemic, users preferred shopping without having to leave their homes because of the covid virus attack. Generally, 50 % of the customers do not want to see your sales representative.Remote selling fulfills that wish for customers where the sales representative doesn’t have to meet the customer face-to-face.

Why do old-school salespersons believe that remote selling is challenging?

  • Now let’s talk about the factors that impact the effective sales process.


  • An old-school sales rep believes that communication between client and salesperson is vital in deciding the effective sales process. Remote selling affects communication at the personal level.
  • Why is face-to-face communication given so much credit?
  • DR. Albert Mehrabian has written in his book Silent messages (1971) that the communication between prospect and salesperson is: 7% spoken words,38% tone of the voice, And 55% body language.
  • Thanks to SCOPEX CRM software that allows video calling and enables the prospect and the salesperson to see each other virtually to read the body language and make the best out of it.


  • Salespeople are usually extroverts. It is their daily habit to meet people and be personable as much as possible through the selling process. It keeps them motivated. In remote selling, there is a break in this daily habit.
  • But, Scopex CRM helps fuel up their energy by enabling the salesperson to book their meetings with clients and providing chat, email, and call options to stay in touch with their prospects throughout the sales process.

The advantages that an old-school salesperson is not aware-of?

  • He must have less rated the efficiency of remote selling. In reality, remote selling makes a salesperson more productive.
  • Imagine you have five prospects to meet in your pipeline for this day. Firstly, You must travel hours and miles together from one person to another, wait in the lobby, move around, etc., where a lot of productive time is gone. In this scenario, will you be able to communicate with your final prospect of the day with the same energy that you had at the beginning of the day? Absolutely No.
  • Remote selling eliminates all these struggles and massively boosts your productivity by making it convenient to book meetings through scheduling links, switch between conversations & types of work and stay in touch with the rest of the team members.

How does Scopex CRM help remote selling and salespersons?

Scopex CRM is a powerful &agile software that successfully removes the difficulties associated with remote selling using advanced technology. Seamless integration of Apps helps to keep all information on one platform. Scopex stays updated automatically.
  • Advanced tools such as video calling, Chat, virtual Meeting, Calendar, SMS texts, email, remote presentations etc., in the Scopex CRM solutions, allow the salesperson to be as personable as possible with the prospects.
  • It enables the salesperson to deliver sales presentations to leads and prospects virtually.
  • It enables a salesperson to track the interests and interactions of the prospect by recording and sending notifications of the digital activity of leads and customers.
  • It helps salespersons build a relationship with their prospects via social media through seamless integration of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • It enables the salesperson to organize meetings and processes with maximum efficiency by using the Calendar module.
  • It helps track and monitor the sales activity regularly and motivates the salesperson to stay on track with their daily sales activities.
  • It pulls the entire communication with prospects on one platform and makes the team stay on the same page during business decision-making.
  • It helps managers visualize the sales team pipeline of opportunities.
  • Scopex enables organizing weekly sales pipeline reviews using a video conferencing tool.
  • It establishes effective internal communication within the sales team.
  • While selling remotely, the majority weighed communication is lost.
Are you looking for a tool that generates leads without knocking on doors? Then Invest in Scopex CRM that takes care of your remote selling and sales person effectively and boosts the sales team productivity.

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