Importance of Scopex Facility Management Software for small business

Importance of Scopex Facility Management Software for small business

Facility managers at smaller companies need advanced facility management solutions to keep the company agile and its workplace efficient. A facility management system would yield many benefits for your business, such as technology-driven operations, automated workflow, workplace governance, and Smart space planning.
The Scopex FMS is as proactive problem-solving as it is adapting and is the ultimate facility management system to drive productivity & manage space, assets, people, and maintenance efficiently. It operates on the cloud and is easy & simple to manage facility, service, maintenance, and field service. The Scopex FMS can manage work orders, assets, and inventory levels, plan maintenance & preventive maintenance, and cut off the overall cost. An easy-monitoring mobile app offers a safe web interface for admin features, comprehensive & configurable dashboards, and reports.
The vital importance of facilities management to a business
  • For Strategic planning and efficient daily operation
    Facility management functions differ from organization to the next one. The facility manager's main moto is to cut costs while increasing productivity. Most companies cannot run better if there are no advanced facility management systems for predictive maintenance, asset management, Inventory control, etc. The Scopex FMS solution enables managers to strategically plan the day-to-day operations, cut costs and eliminate downtime.
  • Pre-emptive maintenance and repairs help to save on the cost.
    The essential function of Facility management is asset maintenance and repairs. The FMS solution eliminates downtime, Erases backlog, ensures standardized preventive maintenance scheduling, and simplifies repair operations. It gets your job done quickly and efficiently while not blowing too much money. FMS improves the maintenance cost ensuring there is no unnecessary wastage & keeps an accurate check on spending. It increases the uptime as well.
  • For Increased productivity and efficiency
    FMS offers benefits for increased productivity such as automation of workflow, well-planned and executed preventive maintenance, Improved access to resources, Increased lifespan of Assets, proper task delegation & tracking, well-managed Audits & SLA compliance, and streamlines information by providing access to metrics, reports, real-time work order updates, and asset histories.
  • To delegate stress-free facility operations.
    Scopex FMS handles the daily operations of the facility industry efficiently. It will offer peace of mind to the buyers along with uniquely advanced tools and solutions to manage the following,
    • Maintenance management
    • Scheduled and preventive maintenance tracking
    • Asset and equipment tracking and maintenance
    Facility Inventory management
    • Work order management
    • Space management
    • Vendor management
    • Reports and analytics

Are you Looking for a professional, budget-friendly facility management solution for your small business?

Scopex provides a 360-degree technology solution for all your facilities management requirement. The system offers top-notch technology and is up-to-date, ensuring you get value-for-money software that fulfills your purposes.

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