Does your company need the help of an ERP system for fleet management?

Does your company need the help of an ERP system for fleet management?

So many times, fleet companies may wonder if they need the help of an ERP system for fleet management. The answer is YES! There are so many benefits the ERP system offers fleet owners to patronize it. Entire fleet management system actions to bring about the best and most out of the fleet operations to drive an optimal and efficient outcome within time and budget. The cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly and produces valuable and sensitive information regarding the fleet at release. Real-time updates are a primary concern for any fleet manager in keeping track of activities occurring in the field.

How does an ERP help Fleet management?

  • It helps fleet managers to monitor fleet activities and decide from asset management, dispatch and routing, and vehicle acquisition and disposal.
  • The Fleet route enables the user to set alerts and notifications. With live alarms in place, the user can be ever vigilant and aware of any circumstances that may come up.
  • It helps Fleet companies ensure compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

SCOPEX ERP for the fleet management industry

  • This industry includes Public transport, oil& Gas, Security, Mining, Emergency services, governments, construction, transport and distribution, rental and leasing, fast-moving consumer goods, etc.
  • Transparent stock visibility
  • Effective staff management
  • Efficient vehicle maintenance
  • Live shipping tracking
  • Optimized inventory control
  • Easy transportation schedule

Benefits of Scopex ERP in fleet management

  • Fleet management operations are slightly complicated due to the dynamic external factors of the industry. The external factors are a threat to the industry by increasing the risk. A small fleet company with a more number of vehicles finds it challenging to streamline its activities. An effective ERP such as Scopex is inevitable to manage the fleet and other activities in the best way from acquisition to disposal.
  • Let us understand the way the unique features of Scopex ERP software are beneficial to the Fleet Industry.
  • Fleet planning
    Scopex ERP software features help fleet managers to plan the fleet requirement according to fleet size and mix effectively. You can forecast the fleet demand and define & determine to organize the right fleet for the right job on time. It offers the best risk management features to create and evaluate plans in case something does not work as planned.
  • Cost management
    It enables fleet managers to record and monitor costs related to repair, maintenance, etc., in the system.
  • Increased revenue
    Streamlining every process efficiently with the help of automation and seamless integration leads to enhancing your workforce productivity with reduced expenditure. It improves the overall performance of the fleet industry and increases revenue.
  • Driver management
    The driver is an essential asset of any fleet service provider. Scopex ERP assists fleet managers in keeping track of driver activities, driving patterns, vehicle utilization, accident rates, etc. It also gives live analytical reports of driver performances. It also records and maintains the driver profile. So, you get everything about the driver under one hood.
  • Fuel management
    With Scopex ERP in place, it is easy to streamline fuel management by keeping track of fuel availability and controlling the fuel cost. It offers a feature to record fleet-wise fuel consumption and transactions in the system.
  • Consignment /Project management
    Fleet managers can capture relevant details about their projects and consignments to keep track of their progress using Scopex ERP software. One can generate challans, consignment notes, and tax receipts within no time due to centralized data gathering.
  • Legal Aspect management
    Legal aspects of the fleet industry are critical. You cannot overlook them. It includes insurance, renewal, statutory registrations, and more. Scopex ERP system’s inbuilt features effectively manage all legal aspects. You can set alerts to stay vigilant and worry less by being proactive.
  • Conclusion
    Fleet management is essential to increase efficiency and improve the bottom line of the fleet business. ERP system with advanced technology and tools helps to collaborate effectively with the other department managers to ensure deliveries, on-time job completion, assure asset safety and regulatory compliance.

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