Wake up and Follow the following for efficient employee time tracking.

Wake up and Follow the following for efficient employee time tracking.

  • Employee time tracking is still underrated in some organization.
  • Do you still have timesheets on paper and spreadsheet? Yes, No, or Maybe? 
  • Are you keeping an accurate time bar for your employees?
  • Do you still use the timesheets to track the employees working hours?
  • Are you paying your employees correctly?

The answers to the above questions summarize whether your organization manages an efficient employee time tracking system

  • Many organizations still use the traditional method. The pen and paper method cannot be accurate. Making mistakes is what makes us human. Spreadsheets can be overwritten or corrupted, and it is easy to miss the papers. The traditional manual methods make the process more vulnerable to errors, miscalculations, and wrong estimates. We need a better way to approach this to solve the problem of human errors and achieve accuracy. It can achieve through an automated time tracking system. The help of an electronic system can reduce the chances of errors to less than 1%. It improves payroll accuracy as well.
  • Scopex is not just a system for employees to clock in and out. It allows employees to enter and track their working hours manually. Say goodbyes to double entries and mistakes copying time with Scopex automated system for employee time tracking.

Why is it so important to track employee time?

Avoid time theft

  • Every drop of water contributes to the formation of the pond. In the same way, the missed hours or added hours while tracking the timesheet can impact employee payroll. Employees trade their time as a service to their customers. So, it is high time for any organization to understand the worth of time and live by it. Businesses looking to have a competitive advantage over their challengers must implement a time tracking system to calculate the accurate hours an employee spends for the company.

Benefits of time tracking

  • The benefits of the time tracking system are tremendous. A few of them are as follows,


  • With the time tracking software solutions, we get a ton of raw data & knowledge, and with knowledge comes power. These data give you information and hack your brain to analyze different data. When we have the information, we can make better decisions. It also Empowers the billing process/ payroll. It provides you the viewpoint of the whole month in a monthly audit.

Overall productivity

  • Tracking the time for whether employees spend it on a client or the desk is informative. Where they are spending time is valuable information in the everyday auditing process. Logging all the time helps analyze time spent on activities by an employee. Managers can have an insight into the work capabilities of employees and guide them accordingly.

Optimization of time utilization at the employee level

  • Time tracking ensures the employee utilizes the time in the best possible way or can make sure they are spending time for the work they should be doing. The best way to supervise your employee without being present there is by embracing automated time tracking.


  • It is both personal and organization-wide accountability. It helps to measure employee performance and ensures the likelihood of performance improvement. And when we report back to the employee, it accelerates the rate of employee improvement.


  • Tracking time allows you to see the bigger picture of your business. You get an insight into tasks that need time and effort. It helps to understand the capabilities of your employees and assign them correctly for high-priority tasks.


  • Time theft is a common issue associated with traditional time tracking methods. You can eliminate these errors with automated time tracking and streamline the process.

Empowers billing process

  • With a time tracking system in place, tracking the time required to complete the project or task is easy. It is vital to keep your words with your customers as it builds the credibility of your business. With credibility comes a loyal customer.

7 Golden rules of employee time tracking

1) Have an automated system

  • The best way to achieve efficient time tracking is to automate it. Pen and paper or spreadsheet methods are prone to errors, miscalculations, and wrong estimates. Automation gives an edge over benefits and provides accurate data. It is a blessing for HR personnel and the employees to streamline the record-keeping. Automation makes the time tracking process simpler and more efficient.

2) Educate your employees

  • Educating employees to use the time tracking system reduces human errors, misinformation, and time theft. While educating employees, consider the following.
  • Walk them through the time tracking tool and guidelines.
  • Explain the duration of breaks and the type of personal business allowed on the job. 
  • Educate them on how to correct the wrong entries.

3) Make it easy and simple for everyone in the organization

  • When an employee is not good at keeping records of their time, it can take very long for the managers to check the time spent by an employee on the job. The simple task can take hours together to analyze and record. So, time tracking software can reduce the workload and simplify the process by reporting, quickly finding the missing information, and storing all time data in one place.

4) Do not spend too much time on time-tracking

  • Even while using time tracking Apps or software, employees can make mistakes by double entries. Managers can educate them to submit the timesheets without these errors. Employees need to spend less than 5 minutes logging a single time entry. Embracing a software solution or a time tracking app with an easy user interface makes the time tracking process more efficient.

5) Don’t micromanage your employees

  • It is ok for an employee to take small breaks in between work. We all know that these breaks sharpen the blades and help an employee recharge his energy. It is essential for a manager not to monitor every minute of a day. It can demotivate an employee in the longer run. Time tracking alone is not a metric used for tracking employee performance. Some employees take longer to complete the task, but the output results are worth it.

6) Leverage time-tracking software/ App Features

  • You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Scopex time tracking solutions. Scopex is an all-in-one solution for your business to efficiently track time and integrate it with payroll to generate accurate salaries.
  • The benefits are,

7) Safeguard your data and put it into use

  • Manual errors do not spare the technology also. After all, humans handle technology. Accidently clicking the delete button on the timesheet entries of the employees can erase the years of data together. Avoid these disasters by following a simple process,


  • Now that you know the advantages of using time tracking Apps and software, Why is this wait? Embrace the time tracking automation and make it simple for your organization. Scopex time tracking solutions are all that you need to manage employee time monitoring effectively and efficiently. Our team is at the tip of the toe to assist your business to bill with ease, offer a simple user interface, provide you deep insight into your employees, and improve your team productivity.

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