Take your facility management to a higher level using ERP Software

Take your facility management to a higher level using ERP software

Best Facility management is what makes you say, “All is well and perfect!’’. An office in Chennai with non working Ac’s or faulty elevators will hamper the happy work environment leading to decreased productivity of the employees. The same logic applies in hospitals, Malls, Saloons, high-raised apartments, Hotels, etc. Hospitality, housekeeping, guarding, security, maintenance & engineering services fall under this category. Many organizations having facilities doesn’t make any difference unless it is in good condition. It is high time you take your facility management to a higher level using ERP software.
Navigating the challenges like attrition, the gap between operations and payroll, on-time accurate billing, service continuity, compliance, etc., are the hurdles that block the daily operations of your facility industry. Allow Scopex facility management software to take charge and transform your business process to drive growth and accelerate success.

Role of Facility management software

  • Centralized interface
    With a Cloud-based platform, Scopex software allows you to manage all your assets and related tasks from the unified platform. There is no need to switch between apps for facility management or to manage manual records. It is an automated and integrated system that streamlines facility management operations.
  • Centralized Management of Multiple Locations
    It manages all your assets and facilities from a single centralized platform using its cloud network respective to the locations. If you are operating a business in more than one location, Scopex is the impeccable solution Scopex is the impeccable choice for you for effective Facility management.
  • Customizations on demand
    Every business has its own needs and concerns list. With Scopex, you can customize your facility management based on your business demands.
  • Pre-emptive Maintenance
    The advanced architecture of the Scopex facility management system keeps you updated with all the information related to your assets & facilities, assists you manage them ahead, and keeps them ready before their actual maintenance schedule. It helps you actively implement pre-emptive maintenance within your firm.
  • Mobile App
    The Scopex facility management mobile app on mobile devices of many sizes makes it easy for users to manage the business efficiently on the go.
  • Asset Tracking with QR codesp
    With the unique asset tracking and QR code functionality, make your data gathering and tracking easy, reduce redundant tasks, and manage it in a go-green manner.
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
    • Efficiently streamline the business process of facility management.
    • Asset-centric ERP solutions
    • Easy resource deployment
    • Effective customer management
    • Quick & Integrated Operations
    • Call center-based efficient operations
    • Accurate billing
    • Capable customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Efficient workforce planning and resource utilization
    • Improved operational efficiency
    • Perfect handling of Service-Level Agreements
    • Enable the best possible financial supply chain management
    • Enable employers to pay right at the right time.
    • Guarantee automatic integration between operations and back-office departments
    • Make sure data-driven business decisions have backed by correct and up-to-date information at the click of a button.
    • Helps in providing professional service to fulfill customer requirements.

    With all these benefits and features, Scopex helps you to take efficiency and productivity to a higher level.


Scopex ERP provides high-quality ERP solutions to its customers belonging to a wide range of Industries. Its ingenuity is evident through our rapid growth and large customer base in India, the Middle East, and the US. Scopex ERP software for facility management is packed with best practices and premium functionalities yet with an intuitive interface even for any Industry. Scopex ERP addresses all the wants and concerns of handling people, budgets, projects, contracts, customer relations, health& safety, etc., for each business firm. Scopex is the impeccable choice for any Industry on the lookout for Facility Management ERP solutions. All you need to do is to choose Scopex and get started today!


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