What is next for ERP software in 2023?

The Covid-19 pandemic crushed the market significantly through many new challenges arising daily. ERP software trends emerged to help organizations face the ever-shifting market.

Here are some of the trends that explain what is next for ERP software in 2023

Complete migration to the cloud

Remote work got normalized in recent times. The productivity increased more than projected. As a result, every organization started looking for solutions to optimize their process and run complete operations composed of several departments. Most companies will move to ERP cloud systems to meet modern business requirements.

ERP platforms going Mobile

ERP Apps on mobile devices are another “IT” thing to increase productivity and improve information access. Mobile ERP apps seamlessly integrate into cloud ERP leading it to a well-connected solution.

IoT integrations

Today, IoT devices are universal and have proved efficient in various business industries. The IoT can help companies improve processes with efficient system monitoring and low-cost implementation of ERP solutions.

Custom ERP solutions

The high demand for Industry-specific ERP systems can lead to industry-specific features and functionalities.

Data-driven processes or Analytics

All aspects of enterprise operations consist of data. ERP systems in 2023 require data and data analytics to access big data.

Customer-oriented ERP

In 2023, we can see increased demand for ERP software among customer-oriented industries.

Fully integrated ERP

The companies are looking to integrate applications with ERP systems to improve data access and consistency.

Two-tier ERP as an answer to industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the latest revolution leading to digital manufacturing. The organizations will look for Centralization of data flow in the ERP.

AI and machine learning adoption

The adoption of AI and ML in ERP systems will significantly improve from automation to predictive analysis.

More emphasis on ERP security

Increased business digitalization increases data security challenges, data breaches, and cyber-attacks. The organizations will emphasis more on measures related to cybersecurity issues.


ERP has been evolving since the day of its inception. As the business sectors transform, the ERP reshapes to meet operational demands. ERP will continue to upgrade and dominate the market in the coming years

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