Unlock the value of Scopex ERP for your FMCG industries

Fast-moving consumer goods are the ones that we sell for rapid consumption, which means they have a shorter span of life or non-durable goods. The challenging aspect of FMCG involves building customer loyalty and ensuring consumer engagement. Scopex ERP software for FMCG is simple to use, easy to implement, and flexible to a customizable solution. You can foresee, plan and manage demand for consumer goods and products, exceeding the expectations of even the most astute customers using an ERP system. Unlock the value of Scopex ERP for your FMCG industry, and ensure it tackles all the problems associated with your FMCG industry.
It is hard to locate stock and the warehouses where it is stored and dispatch the old goods first. Without the implementation and use of ERP software, an FMCG Company faces the challenges of Stock Rotation, controlling costs while being a tough competitor, managing multiple distribution channels, and Quality Assurance. With the use of Scopex ERP software, manage information on stocks on the shelves, timely replenishment, and seamlessly delivers a highly personalized experience to consumers by providing visibility of your products to help them make choices.
Implementing ERP software is essential to the success of your FMCG business in this digitally transformed world. Let us see the key features of Scopex ERP that make it a competitive choice and revolutionize your Industry capabilities.
  • Barcode Integration
    Scopex ERP ensures FIFO of stock and manages Inventory effectively with the Product Expiry feature. There is a detailed barcode for strict enforcement of validation. You can also match the item with the ones in the warehouse.
  • Automated system
    Scopex ERP is a robust, Automated, and integrated system which streamlines all business processes of an FMCG company and ensures there is no duplication of the task, no repetition of work, and less time wasted on redundant work. Handling multiple and complex sales offers becomes hassle-free. You can even calculate profitability from different perspectives. With Scopex, Manage Distribution Efficiency and get a snapshot of all distributors effortlessly.
  • Sales promotion activities
    Scopex ERP ensures hassle-free tracking and managing of Salespeople. It also maintains Sales promotion and tracks Items. You can easily configure the system to track pending Receivable and Payable claims.
  • Lots and serial numbers
    A Scopex ERP system enables effective inventory management by tracking stock by lot and serial numbers. It ensures Procurement Planning and Ageing Analysis of Stock. Scopex ERP also supports managing multiple order types and Bulk dispatch of products. Manage Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accurately with the ERP system. The Compliance Management tool helps to meet the statutory requirements.
  • Reports
    With Scopex ERP software, generate reports accurately. You can even export these reports to excel. Scopex also gives the option to get the drill-down details from the Reports.
  • Distribution logistics
    Scopex ERP users can define the distribution logistics of consumer goods and tackle all problems they face daily. Insightful, accurate analytical MIS Reports help Scopex ERP users to know which products are selling in which areas, seasonal fluctuations, and consumer preferences.
Conclusion Scopex ERP is an end-to-end, all-in-one, and integrated solution to address the challenges of an FMCG Company by driving efficient Inventory Management, Sales & Promotion activities, Accounting Transactions, Compliance Management, Quality checks, etc. Scopex ERP system’s sophisticated design delivers functions beyond resource planning to provide budget planning from sales to purchase to Accounting, finance management, product management, CRM, Supply chain management, etc. It can rapidly transform your traditional, reactive organization into a proactive organization and offers a customized unified solution for the FMCG Industry.

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