Case study 4

A prominent chain of skin and hair care hospitals in Kerala approached us through a network of software professionals with their business operations challenges. The hospitals were facing difficulties in appointment scheduling, including managing patient schedules, coordinating with healthcare providers, and keeping track of appointments. This process had become time-consuming and complicated without an efficient system in place. Additionally, the chain was struggling with inadequate resource management, including managing staff, equipment, and supplies, leading to inefficiencies and higher costs.

We implemented Scopex HMS, a cloud-based unified system, to address the challenges faced by the chain. Scopex HMS features appointment scheduling, registration, staff management, and other functionalities to streamline the complex workflow across multiple centers and locations. The solution simplified appointment scheduling, allowing the chain to manage time slots according to their convenience and improved revenue while providing the best patient care.

Scopex HMS also provides video consultation and EMR solutions across locations, enhancing the overall patient experience. The system safely handles patient records, doctor records, appointments, staff, prescriptions, lab and scan reports, pharmacy, hospital inventory, and medical billing, allowing the healthcare chain to manage financial and administrative tasks effortlessly.

We are proud to be associated with the leading chain of hospitals and to be a trusted technology partner in their success journey. Scopex HMS has proven reliable and efficient solutions allowing the chain to improve its business operations, increase efficiency, and provide the highest quality care to its patients.

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