Field Service Industry

Serving you with the best tools to serve your customers better
Perhaps you have a field service business, and you wouldn’t treat your service business as a second rate. A service well-done can make a big impact on your business services credibility.To achieve well-done service, you need the an efficient ERP solution that helps you keep track of tasks and ensure prompt services.Scopex ERP effectively runs operations and enhances productivity and more efficient employees.
Leverage more complex field service management that touches all the pain-point elements. Scopex ERP is customised to integrate various facets of the business,helps you optimize your operations and efficiently manages your business and ensures profitability.

Build your business now from the new solution that Scopex offers you

The following are some of the features of Scopex ERP software.
  • Automation embedded.
  • Customer management.
  • Service order management.
  • Accounting and finance management.
  • Database management. 
  • Rapid integration.
  • Remote collaboration.
  • Secure communications.
  • Comprehensive dashboards.

Extra-large features that Scopex ERP software offers within your budget

  • Purchase orders/ sales order management.
  • Inventory and warehouse management.
  • Project management.
  • Invoice generation.
  • Contracts management.
  • High functioning mobile software.
  • Routing and scheduling optimization schedule that works.
  • HR resource management by technician’s resource scheduling- efficiently schedule technicians in the field.
  • History for customer-owned equipment- get visibility into equipment history and needs.
  • Tracks assets and warranty management.
  • Granular performance analysis.
All the elements involved in the field service life cycle are already present in the Scopex field service management ERP software. It is a continuum of events to make field service management efficient in targeting customer expectations. Scopex ERP software works to touch all the pain point elements of field service management.

Customer Management

  • Customer can Raise a ticket for service or internal service in the app.
  • 24*7 support assistance

Service Order Management

  • Plan onsite tasks with employees
  • Receive new tasks.
  • Schedule date and time.
  • Record completed task.
Allocating Agents
  • Configure google maps
  • Know which agent is free.
  • Assign job to the right agent.
  • Send an agent to the location.


  • CReal-time agent location.
  • Know where your tools and machinery are in location.
  • Track the location of your vehicles.
  • Know job status and timely completion.
  • Order necessary spare parts and track their delivery and allocation.

Database Management

  • Record keeping of all employees and clients in real-time.
  • Record Details of machinery and tools (warranty and repair date, etc).
  • Generate Invoice based on timesheets.
  • Generate invoice based on intervention.

Accounting & Finance Management

  • Manages billing-invoice for customers
  • Manges salary to tax for employees
  • Maintenance of income and expense.
  • Defines taxes and creates accounting rule.
The new insights and innovations will drive the field service industry forward. Address the challenges of field service operations, and apply the right features and functions to improve your process. You have the Scopex ERP software tools that rank you number one in the world of field service industries.