Facility Management Services Industry

Empower your Facility Managers with centralised supervision and maintenance
Your Facility management services could entail anything from managing a commercial complex to providing house-keeping services for large offices or maintenance services of a factory, a cinema hall or third party services to hospitals and hotels. With such complex services to different customer requirements,what you need is an easy-to-use, robust ERP solution that allows you to meet the requirements in every way.
Scopex is an advanced ERP solution that empowers the facility managers with centralized supervision and maintenance, automation of facility management functions, and complete visibility into facility data and analytics.

Scopex ERP features for facility Management Industries.

1.Work Order Management

  • Robust Sales and customer management
  • Efficient procurement
  • Flexible management of accounting and finance.

2.Preventive maintenance:

  • Flexible maintenance management avoids surprise failures, unplanned downtime, and extends the life of your assets.

3.Inventory management :

  • match the inventory with work orders
  • Track the stock level.

4.Enterprise Assets management.

5.Warranty management to replace and scrap the assets.

6.Vendor management gives a database of vendor contact information and streamlines the purchasing process.

7.Purchase order management automated backordering to avoid stockpiling.

8.Account and finance management.

9.Analytics and reports are to have a hawk-eye view on the stages of the work orders.

10.Facility management calendar to gain a complete view of the task, scheduled events, and preventive maintenance activities.

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